The STEM Tuesday team of:

Nancy Castaldo

Patricia Newman

Carolyn DeCristofano

Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

Karen Latchana Kenney

Heather L. Montgomery

Mike Hays

Mary Kay Carson

and me, Jennifer Swanson would like to wish you all a very HAPPY 2019! We hope your year is filled with lots GREAT STEM books. Here’s a few of our own new titles that we’d like to share with you.

Coming soon!

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Little Monsters of the Ocean: Metamorphosis Under the Waves by Heather L. Montgomery
Lerner Publishing, January 1, 2019



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THE TORNADO SCIENTIST: Seeing Inside Severe Storms by Mary Kay Carson
 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, March 19, 2019




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 Cat Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to do with your Feline Friend by Jodi Wheeler- Toppen(National Geographic Kids, August 2019)




Breakthroughs in Planet and Comet Research by Karen Latchana Kenney (Lerner Publishing, Feb 2019)



Breakthroughs in Mars Exploration by Karen Kenney (Lerner Publishing, Feb 2019)




Also look for:
 This is a Book to Read with a Worm by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen (Charlesbridge)
  Save the Crash-Test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson (Peachtree Publishing, October 2019)
Have a FABULOUS 2019 and may your year be filled the excitement of  STEM Books!
Jennifer Swanson is the founder and administrator of STEM Tuesday. A self-professed science geek, Jennifer discovered her love of science  when she started a science club in her garage at the age of 7. While no longer working from the garage, Jennifer can be found exploring, learning, and writing about exciting STEM topics in her books. You can find her at
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