COVID-19 Homeschool Resources

We’re loading this page with lesson plans and activites to help parents and caregivers who are suddenly homeschooling their children. We hope these resources will be fun, interesting opportunities for exploring writing and reading together.


We will update regularly, so feel free to visit often!

Middle Grade Authors


Coronavirus is a wish your heart makes

Greg R. Fishbone looks for the silver linings in the coronavirus pandemic.

Journaling in the Time of Covid-19

Six months ago if someone had told me I’d be writing a blog post titled “Journaling in the Time of Covid-19” I would have said, “What’s Covid-19?” We could all start sentences that way now… “Six months ago, if someone had told me…” “… schools would be closed for months…” “… I would not see my parents for months …” “…. Zoom would be part of everyday life…” “… a mask would be part of my wardrobe…” “… people would run out of (WHAT?!) toilet paper…” Times are rapidly changing and that means we are all having new and unforeseen experiences. There’s no better time than now to be journaling. I have written in diaries and journals off and on since this date: Not long ago, I shared the following story in a Facebook post: In February of 1977, I was a fifth grader in Westerville, Ohio when the Energy Crisis coincided with weeks of unusually cold weather. Today I

Garbage Writing Exercise

    If you need a creative boost for yourself, your children, or students…Garbage Writing is the perfect solution!   *Set a timer for 15 minutes. *Write, write, write…nonstop! *No editing. (Your internal editor will hate this…but it’s such a great way to get past all those judgments and fears of words not coming out right).   This can be rambling nonsense. A rant that lets you get all your anger and frustrations out on paper. Or…if you have a story you’d like to write, an issue you’re working through, etc. you can keep that in mind during this exercise. But if you choose this option…you still need to let the words flow and not edit. Yes, there will be lots of garbage to toss at the end, but you’ll discover gems that gleam so brightly that might not exist without letting your words gush out like this. Garbage Writing is great to do with writing groups, classes, etc. And