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  • Gail Shepherd
    Sad Loss for Mixed Up Files
    Today, our writing family on From the Mixed Up Files lost a friend and collaborator. Gail Shepherd passed away Tuesday, February 25, 2020. She was part of our writing family here, regularly contributing to our editor/agent spotlight feature. She was also a debut author: her book THE TRUE HISTORY OF LYNDIE B. HAWKINS just released in November of 2019 (Kathy Dawson Books/Penguin Random House) We grieve our loss of a friend, a colleague, and a bright voice in middle-grade literature....
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MUF middle grade authors
  • Debating, Campaigning, and Voting, Oh My!
    Debating, Campaigning, and Voting, Oh My!
    February 24, 2020 by
    The many televised debates along with the upcoming election have occupied a huge space in the realm of social media, social interaction, and social anxiety. I can’t help but think kids are also affected in many ways. It also makes me wonder how books can help them understand and cope....
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