October 6, 2018

A Bookish Halloween: One of our very own MUF contributors, Jonathan Rosen, is on a Halloween book list! Check it out here,  and of course, add his books, NIGHT OF THE LIVING CUDDLE BUNNIES and FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE (Sky Pony Press)  to your roster of spooktacularly fun books to get you into the holiday spirit.

Also in the Halloween mode is another fab MUF contributor, Jen Swanson, who leads our STEM Tuesday posts and also does a STEM Tuesday podcast. Now her STEM Tuesday team is running a super-cool contest: CoSTEM.  (Costume + STEM = CoSTEM. :)) How does it work? Design a great costume based on your favorite STEM book– you can do it on your own or even with a group! Then take a picture and send it in. Winners will be posted on the STEM blog right before Halloween! Deadline to submit: October 23. Get creative and have fun!


Heather Murphy Capps
Heather Murphy Capps has always had a deep appreciation for comfort and elegance. She and Claudia would have run out of money quickly together but would absolutely have been on the same page about taxis and nice restaurants. And of course, solving mysteries about beautiful art. That said, Heather also appreciates Jamie’s love of complication, which is why she spent several years living in rural Kenya and then became a television news reporter, which involved standing for hours in the middle of hurricanes and political battles. Now she’s raising middle-grade readers and writing for them. She loves to read and write books with lots of great science, magic, mystery, and adventure. Heather is the communications coordinator for Mixed-Up Files, as well as creator/curator for our We Need Diverse MG series. She is committed to creating more diversity in publishing.