Let’s Get Graphic… novel!

The graphic novel has come a long way from whence I was a child… actually, when I was a kid, the graphic novel didn’t exist. Or maybe it was just a really thick comic book. How I longed for a Richie Rich graphic novel, something deep and dark about the wealthy lad, what made him tick, even worse… what made him tock. Alas that never happened. I think it’d still make for an interesting read.

Once graphic novels hit the shelves, most were exactly that — dark and mysterious. One of the first I ever read was Batman Arkham Asylum. A pretty intense book that took the Dark Knight into a more personal realm, making him even more real than ever.

Then it seemed, at least to me, that the graphic novel simply gave the authors and artists the right to be… well, more graphic. And that’s okay, but it didn’t do anything for the middle grade reader. Until recently, that is.

Now Middle Grade readers can choose to read an Artemis Fowl novel, or the latest Artemis Fowl graphic novel.

Or how about Nancy Drew… today Middle Grade readers have their choice of format:

Plus there are bold and very cool new titles popping up in the Graphic Novel Category.

Tales from the Crypt #8: Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid – Stepfan Petrucha (Author), Maia Kinney-Petrucha (Author), John L. Lansdale (Author), Rick Parker (Illustrator), Miran Kim (Illustrator), James Romberger (Illustrator), Marguerite Van Cook (Illustrator)

Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Author)

And honestly, it doesn’t matter what format the kids (or myself) are reading in, just as long as they’re reading… everything is write with the world (misspelling intentional).

Brian Kell