Oh MG News

September 26, 2018

Interactive Wimpy Kid Tour: Author Jeff Kinney is taking a road trip along the East Coast to promote his newest Wimpy Kid release: The Meltdown (Amulet Books), out on October 30. He’ll make 12 stops along the way, winding up in Winnipeg, Canada. What’s new and different about this tour? It’ll feature an interactive stage experience. Kinney says he’s excited about the trip because it offers a “whole new way” to connect with fans. The tour begins on October 30 in Boston, MA.

Banned Books Week: The ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom has released this list of the top banned books from 2017 in an effort to shed light on the subject of censorship.

Publisher Penguin Random House is also speaking up during Banned Book Week, posting quotes from books that have been challenegd or banned. Check out their Insta account: @PenguinRandomHouse Instagram account If you repost PRH’s posts or tag other users and comment with the hashtags #BannedBooksWeek and #Sweepstakes, you’ll get an entry into a sweepstake. For every entry up to the 5,000th, PRH will donate a book to We Need Diverse Books.

September 11, 2018

A New STEM Podcast: From our very own MUF STEM Tuesday contributors, a wonderful new way to enjoy our STEM Tuesday posts–on the go! Click here to listen to the first one and enjoy!

Banned Books Week: September 23-29. This yearly event is sponsored by the American Library Association along with a coalition of other organizations. They’re dedicated to celebrating the right to read and increasing awareness about book censorship. They’re tweeting at #BannedBookWeek and encouraging all who love the freedom to read to use this week to speak out against censorship. You can visit their website here.

September 1, 2018

Cybils Judges Needed: The 2018 Cybils Awards committee is looking for more volunteers. They’re looking for book bloggers who are interested in reading a lot of children’s or young adult books, reviewing them, and choosing the best of the best for the 2018 Cybils Awards.

Applications are open through September 9th. Click here to apply.