Winners of the STEM Tuesday CoSTEM Contest!!

STEM Tuesday CoSTEM Costume Contest


We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2nd annual STEM Tuesday CoSTEM Contest!!


First Place: 

  Peyton — he dressed up like Albert Einstein for Brad Meltzer’s   


Second Place:


  Beth– she dressed up like a woman in science for Rachel Ignotofsky’s    


Third Place:

  Evan– he dressed up like a crash-test dummy for Jennifer Swanson’s       


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and to everyone who participated.

Your costumes were AMAZING! We love to see evidence of STEM + literacy


What the winners will receive:

1st Place —  Receives 5 autographed STEM Books + $25 Barnes & Noble Gift card

2nd Place — Receives 3 autographed STEM Books + $15 Barnes & Noble Gift card

3rd Place—   Receives 2 autographed STEM Books +$10 Barnes & Noble Gift card

Also, a huge thanks to the authors who donated books :


  by Carla Mooney            by Janet Slingerland

   by Laurie Wallmark      by Christy Mihaly and Sue Heavenrich

   by Susan M. Latta              by Kirsten W. Larson

  by Dianne White by Julia Garstecki



by Jennifer Swanson



The entire STEM Tuesday Team thanks you for participating and invites you to keep reading our posts throughout the year.





Jennifer Swanson is the creator and administrator of STEM Tuesday. She dreams of one day running away to the Museum of Science and Industry- then maybe she could look at all the exhibits and try out all the gadgets without competing for them with her kids. An author of thirty-five nonfiction science books for kids, Jennifer’s motto is  Science Rocks! You can find her at


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