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STEM Tuesday
  • STEM Tuesday -- The Living Seas-- Writing Tips & Resources
    STEM Tuesday — The Living Seas– Writing Tips & Resources
    April 20, 2021 by
      Change Ah, the world of scientific understanding. It’s exciting. It’s fascinating. It’s ever-changing. And with that comes some challenges for the science writer. How’s a writer supposed to commit to providing the “truth” about a topic when the scientific understanding is likely to change in the future? And if you are writing about the ocean—a topic in which our knowledge gets updated on an almost daily basis—you could see that as a dark abyss, a sea of knowledge your little flashlight could never hope to illuminate fully. Or, you could see it as an opportunity . . . after all, ocean exploration is the perfect metaphor for open-ended inquiry. Looking at this month’s Living Sea book list we can scavenge strategies used by science writers to navigate the uncharted waters of scientific understanding. Showcase the nature of science and engineering practices Focus on enduring concepts, skills, and/or messages Provide hope for the future and inspiration for the future professionals...
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  • STEM Tuesday -- The Living Seas-- In the Classroom
    STEM Tuesday — The Living Seas– In the Classroom
    April 13, 2021 by
      This month’s theme is all about the OCEAN! Not only are Earth’s oceans massive, what happens there impacts everything else on Earth. Here are a few of this month’s books that help explore the oceans. Planet Ocean: Why We All Need a Healthy Ocean by Patricia Newman; photographs by Annie Crawley Readers will discover how closely THEY are connected to the ocean, regardless of where they live. Into the Deep: An Exploration of Our Oceans by Wolfgang Dreyer; illustrated by Annika Siems Discover the latest scientific research through a ride on a submarine. Secrets of the Sea by Kate Baker Explore rocky pools, shoreline, and the deepest depths of the ocean. Oceanology: The Secrets of the Sea Revealed by DK/Smithsonian   An informative and beautiful introduction into the ocean ecosystem. So where do you start exploring something that is so big and overflowing with life? (You’re sure to never run out...
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  • STEM Tuesday -- The Living Seas-- Book List
    STEM Tuesday — The Living Seas– Book List
    April 6, 2021 by
    Dive beneath the waves with us this week as we explore our world ocean. Did you know our planet is 70% ocean and only 30% land? Yet the ocean is less explored than outer space. Use these books to explore the wild, the weird, and the wonderful about our blue planet. Planet Ocean: Why We All Need a Healthy Ocean by Patricia Newman; photographs by Annie Crawley Readers will discover how closely THEY are connected to the ocean, regardless of where they live. Be sure to explore the dazzling QR code videos! Jeff Bridges, Academy Award winner and environmentalist, call this book a “must read.”   Astronaut-Aquanaut: How Space Science and Sea Science Interact by Jennifer Swanson Discover how scientists prepare for exploring deep-space and deep-sea.   Plasticus Maritimus: An Invasive Species by Ana Pego; illustrated by Isabel Minhos Martins and Bernado P. Carvalho Readers will explore plastic pollution in...
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  • Nancy Castaldo, author
    A Shout Out for the STEM Tuesday Team!!
    March 30, 2021 by
      As we come up on our fourth anniversary of STEM Tuesday (yes – FOUR years!) I thought it would be a great time to remind you of the AMAZING authors who make STEM Tuesday possible. The STEM Tuesday blog posts are written by a group of award-winning children’s authors, teachers, and writers who are passionate about presenting STEM/STEAM topics in a way that kids of all ages will find exciting, inspiring, and engaging. You can find more information about each of them by visiting their websites, purchasing some of their books, and also inviting them to your schools and conferences. Meet the STEM Tuesday TEAM! Nancy Castaldo      @NCastaldoAuthor Nancy Castaldo has written books about our planet for over 20 years. Her 2016 title THE STORY OF SEEDS: From Mendel’s Garden to Your Plate, and How There’s More of Less To Eat Around The World introduces older readers to the...
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Sue Heavenrich writes about science for children and their families, from space to backyard ecology. Bees, flies, squirrel behavior—things she observes in her backyard and around her neighborhood—inspire her writing. A long line of ants marching across the kitchen counter generated one of her first articles for kids. If you can’t find her at the keyboard, check the garden.Her most recent book is  Diet for a Changing Climate (2018).