STEM Tuesday– Taking a Look at Climate Change/Earth Science– Book List

Climate change. It’s all around us. Warming air temperatures. Warming seas. Melting ice and rising sea levels. Dangerous storms and wildfires. The following list takes a look at climate and weather from multiple angles.

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit Hopping Ahead of Climate Change: Snowshoe Hares, Science, and Survival by Sneed B. Collard III

Sneed Collard focuses in on one of the species impacted by climate change — the snowshoe hare. Readers will uncover how a warmer planet will have consequences on each and every one of us through this fascinating study of just one Arctic creature.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgInside Biosphere 2: Earth Science Under Glass by Mary Kay Carson; photographs by Tom Uhlman

Mary Kay Carson investigates one of the world’s most interesting experiments in this Scientists in the Field starred title. This unique desert lab replicates area on Earth so that scientists can explore the large scale impact of climate change.

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit Geoengineering Earth’s Climate: Resetting the Thermostat (a Green Earth honoree) by Jennifer Swanson

Can scientists reset Earth’s thermostat? Jennifer Swanson explores a radical new technology to try to cool the planet in this important STEM title.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit Out of the Ice: How Climate Change Is Revealing the Past by Claire Eamer; illustrated by Drew Shannon

As the planet warms new discoveries are taking place. In this middle-grade picture book, Claire Eamer introduces readers to the treasures that have been locked in ice in Earth’s cryosphere.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit Coming March 2019 – Tornado Scientist: Seeing Inside Severe Storms by Mary Kay Carson; photographs by Tom Uhlman

Tornados are featured in this upcoming title by Mary Kay Carson. Follow scientist, Robin Tanamachi and her team as they try to save lives across America’s heartland.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit Eye of the Storm: NASA, Drones, and the Race to Crack the Hurricane Code by Amy Cherrix

Amy Cherrix takes readers right into the danger zone in this exploration of hurricanes. In a world of increasingly severe storms, this book offers readers a look into how they are studied and data is collected.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit How Could We Harness A Hurricane? by Vicki Cobb

This NSTA Best STEM Book is another to add to your hurricane science shelf. Vicki Cobb shares how scientists explore ways to weaken hurricanes. It’s a great book to get readers asking questions just like scientists.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit We Are The Weather Makers: The History of Climate Change by Tim Flannery, adapted by Sally Walker

Discover this young reader’s edition of the adult title, The Weather Makers. Published by Candlewick Press in 2009, you can still find this informational title online and in libraries.


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit The Next Wave : The Quest to Harness the Power of the Oceans by Elizabeth Rusch

Travel with the author and a team of scientists to the Pacific Northwest to explore the potential renewable energy of the oceans. This is another great read in the Scientists in the Field series.



Support Independent Bookstores - Visit Weather: An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change by Andrew Revkin and Lisa Mechaley

This beautifully illustrated history of weather is a must for readers of all ages. Everything from the history of Groundhog Day, London’s Great Smog, the Paris Agreement, and the invention of air conditioning can be found inside.  It’s a great resource for budding meteorologists and climate scientists. Whether preparing a report and prepping for a trivia contest, readers will come away more knowledgeable about the issues and history of our planet.


STEM Tuesday book lists prepared by:

Nancy Castaldo has written books about our planet for over 20 years including, THE STORY OF SEEDS: From Mendel’s Garden to Your Plate, and How There’s More of Less To Eat Around The World, which earned the Green Earth Book Award, Junior Library Guild Selection, and other honors. Nancy’s research has taken her all over the world from the Galapagos to Russia.  She strives to inform, inspire, and educate her readers. Nancy also serves as the Regional Advisor of the Eastern NY SCBWI region. Her 2018 multi-starred title is BACK FROM THE BRINK: Saving Animals from Extinction. Visit her at

Patricia Newman writes middle-grade nonfiction that inspires kids to seek connections between science, literacy, and the environment. The recipient of a Sibert Honor for Sea Otter Heroes and the Green Earth Book Award for Plastic, Ahoy!, her books have received starred reviews, been honored as Junior Library Guild Selections, and included on Bank Street College’s Best Books lists. New:  Eavesdropping on Elephants: How Listening Helps Conservation, an NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book. During author visits, she demonstrates how her writing skills give a voice to our beleaguered environment. Visit her at

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