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There’s no denying it, we can’t escape the growing fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Below are book suggestions for readers who wish to learn more about the history of robotics and AI, as well as how to create their own inventions


National Geographic Kids Everything Robotics: All the Photos, Facts, and Fun to Make You Race for Robots

by Jen Swanson

Robots don’t simply occupy the space of fiction these days, as they have infiltrated every day life. Robots can fix aircrafts, dance, tell jokes, and even clean your carpet! Swanson gives a great history of robotics and also adds a section of the future of robotics. Fantastic writing along with eye catching visuals.



Spare Parts book cover

Spare Parts (Young Readers’ Edition): The True Story of Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and an Impossible Dream

By Reyna Grande (Adapter), Joshua Davis (Author)

Spare Parts is a true story based on Joshua Davis’ New York Times bestseller. The narrative chronicles the life of four undocumented Mexican teenagers who join a robotics class. Through that class, a new friendships develops. With their passion and determination, they take on MIT in the National Robotics Nationals Championship.



Machines That Think!: Big Ideas That Changed the WorldMachines That Think! Big Ideas That Changed the World #2

by Don Brown

Award-winning author Don Brown explores computers and technology in this installment of the Big Ideas that Changed the World series. Brown takes a look at machines throughout history, giving a nod to great minds such as Ada Lovelace and Bill Gates. It’s   written as a graphic novel with punchy illustrations.




Machine Learning for Kids: A Project-Based Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"Machine Learning for Kids" book cover

by Dale Lane

This is a hands-on application-based introduction to machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence). Readers will be able to create AI-powered games and applications using Scratch programming language. Some ideas are a Rock, Paper, Scissors game that recognizes your hand shapes and a movie recommendation app.



Bots! Robotics Engineering: With Hands-On Makerspace Activities Bots! Robotics Engineering: With Hands-On Makerspace Activities a book by Kathy Ceceri and Lena Chandhok

by Kathy Ceceri and Lena Chandhok

This book explores how robots play a vital role in our world. It details the history and theory of programming and robotics, and includes many hands-on robotics projects that help children learn design, engineering, and coding. It’s beautifully formatted and fun to read




by Lucy Rogers

Get up close and personal with more than 100 different robots, from automata to androids. This browseable book from DK is divided into sections based on different jobs the robots perform, like rescuing people after natural disasters, packing food in factories, and taking care of hospital patients. Each spread features captivating, full-color photo illustrations as well as essential statistics and facts about each robot.


Maker Comics: Build a RobotMaker Comics: Build a Robot!

by Colleen AF Venable and Kathryn Hudson

A talking toaster? An army of evil robots? A plot to take over the world? Embedded within this outrageously entertaining graphic novel are step-by-step instructions for building robots. Using easy-to-source components and everyday household items, readers can follow along with this “ultimate DIY guide” to make six different working bots.


Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Machines and Smart Robots Artificial Intelligence

by Angie Smibert

For kids that want to dive a little deeper into artificial intelligence, this book provides a great primer. It explores the development and implications of emerging AI technology from a variety of perspectives, including sci-fi, computer science, and ethics. Pop-out sections introduce readers to essential vocabulary words and encourage hands-on exploration of concepts.



Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present, and FutureScience Comics: Robots and Drones

by Mairghread Scott and Jacob Chabot

A mechanical bird named Pouli leads readers on a whirlwind tour of the history and technology behind robots and drones. Like other volumes in the Science Comics series, this book is packed full of information, and its graphic novel format is sure to keep kids engaged.




Hubots: Real-World Robots Inspired by HumansHubots: Real-World Robots Inspired by Humans

by Helaine Becker and Alex Ries

Humanoid robots, or “hubots,” can walk, talk, think, learn, work, and play. This short book features 10 different hubots, explaining both the human-like features and the superhuman abilities of these incredible machines.



This month’s STEM Tuesday book list was prepared by:

Author Lydia Lukidis


Lydia Lukidis is the author of 50+ trade and educational books for children. Her titles include DANCING THROUGH SPACE: Dr. Mae Jemison Soars to New Heights (Albert Whitman, 2024), DEEP, DEEP, DOWN: The Secret Underwater Poetry of the Mariana Trench (Capstone, 2023) and THE BROKEN BEES’ NEST (Kane Press, 2019) which was nominated for a Cybils Award. A science enthusiast from a young age, she now incorporates her studies in science and her everlasting curiosity into her books. Another passion of hers is fostering a love for children’s literacy through the writing workshops she regularly offers in elementary schools across Quebec with the Culture in the Schools program. For more information, please visit



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