STEAM Up Your Classroom with STEM/STEAM books!


Happy Spring!  Now is the best time to talk to your kids or students about science. After all, it’s ALL around them.

Not sure where to start? STEM Tuesday can help!  Look at our site! Each month comes with a Book List for the topic we are covering that month. Just search by topic on our home page HERE

Then click on the search by topic part and you’ll get a drop down menu where you can select the topic you’re looking for. Most of the books on the list are already attached to Bookstop so you can just click on the title and ORDER and you’re done!



If you’re looking for more ideas of STEM/STEAM books for kids, check out STEAM Team Books! It’s a website that highlights the amazing fiction and nonfiction books that have come out that year.

​STEAM-related books bring the spirit of inquiry, discovery, and creative problem-solving to your learners

while engaging them in rich literacy experiences.


Here are some suggestions from the STEAM Team members for “Books for Kids Who Like…” 





















If you use STEM Tuesday to choose books for your classroom and/or to do activities in your classroom, let us know.

Is there a topic that we haven’t covered that you’d like to see?

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STEM Tuesday
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