For Parents Page Update

Have you visited the For Parents Page lately? Me neither!

Image of a tea cup.That is I hadn’t… not until I was put in charge of updating it’s content. And so with looming deadlines (and a couple cranky kids) I stole five minutes from my day, brewed a cup of tea and sat down for a visit.

I found lots to love on the For Parents Page.  And not much to add.  Here are a few of the highlights;

Turning kids into bookworms provides a list of seven great resource books to kickstart your child’s love of reading. I’m looking forward to checking out these titles and finding new resources to add to the list. Let us know if you have any good suggestions!

Start Reading, Keep Reading provides great tips for keeping bookworms hooked on books.  Also Creating a home library, encouraging your child’s school to host Reading and Arts Festivals, and Get ‘Plugged In’ as a Family… lots of  good ideas to keep reading fun! We’ll be looking to add more information on apps to ‘getting plugged in’ so again if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

With no time to spare, I browsed through the “quick links for parents” which was of course, not quick at all.  With so many great booklists and reading suggestions, I decided to pull them together into a page on Finding the Right Book.

Until now, my approach to finding the right book for my two ferocious readers has involved huge stacks of books and multiple visits to the library. But now that they are moving into middle grade books and  hoarding them in their room, this is not so practical. Hopefully, there is some information here that  will save us all some time (and library fines!)

So, take five minutes (or more) and your beverage of choice and head on over to the  For Parents Page.  I’m sure you’ll find something that makes you go hmmmm….. or Eureka!  And if you think of a topic you’d like added – please let us know!

Yolanda Ridge is the mother of twin boys who are both ferocious readers with radically different book preferences.  She is also the author of Trouble in the Trees (Orca Book Publishers, 2011) and Road Block (Orca Book Publishers, 2012).


Yolanda Ridge