A new page for ravenous readers

Has this ever happened to you? Your favorite middle-grade reader has finished reading the latest stack of books from the library.

“More!” your reader says to you. “I want more! Give me more books!”

“Fine,” you say. You’ve already gone through all the book lists and book list blog posts on our site, so you browse aimlessly through your library’s online catalog. “What kind of book do you want?”

“I like sports and I like science. I want girl power. I want it to be funny, but not too hard to read. And it can’t have any of that icky stuff we learned about in Human Growth and Development.”


Where do you start?

 You can start here, at our new page, What should I read next?

Although we here at From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors think we have a pretty good site, there are lots more out there and we all have one goal in common–getting great books into the hands of readers. To help bring the resources of the online middle-grade community together, we’ve collected links to sites that review and categorize middle-grade books. Some are searchable, some are specialized, some are by kids, some are by librarians. Try out the sites and find the sites that are right for you. And if you have a favorite, please let us know so we can add it.


Jacqueline Houtman is a very slow reader, and her to-be-read pile is taking over her house. 

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Jacqueline Houtman
Jacqueline Houtman is the author of the middle-grade novel THE REINVENTION OF EDISON THOMAS (Front Street/Boyds Mills Press 2010) and coauthor, with Walter Naegle and Michael G. Long, of the biography for young (and not-so-young) readers, BAYARD RUSTIN: THE INVISIBLE ACTIVIST (Quaker Press 2014). Find her at www.jhoutman.com
  1. Great book lists, thanks! Encourage her to keep at it. It’s a great service for kids.


  2. Happens to me all the time with PickyKidPix, my 5th grader! And it is hard to find her books she likes. She lives up to her name. She is reading:

    Al Capone Does My Shirts and One Crazy Summer right now. She likes both books but it took several chapters before she settled into One Crazy Summer (and stopped complaining about it).

    Next, we are going to try Rocky Road…fingers crossed! She likes realistic fiction with special needs characters or just a really well written Newbery quality book. Her blog has the books that have met with her approval: http://pickykidpix.wordpress.com/

    I pull my hair out trying to find books for her in all honesty. I use this site plus read Newberyish books to screen for her. She finally trusts my picks for her! Phew!