Lu Lu in LaLa Land by Elisabeth Wolf

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Lulu in LA LA Land

A screenplay by Lulu Harrison 

Scene 1: 

ZOOM IN on Hollywood mega stars LINC and FIONA HARRISON singing happy birthday to their daughter LULU. Lulu blows out the candles, and they all gather for a group hug— 


If only real life were like the movies. Instead, Lulu Harrison’s massively important eleventh birthday is just three weeks away—and her parents still haven’t RSVPed! 

Lulu’s not like the rest of her glamorous Hollywood family. She likes tamales and they like tofu. She likes gardening and they like grooming. But all she wants for her birthday is for her whole family to be there. Together. So this year she’s planning a super fabulous SPA-tacular party. But what if trying to fit in leaves Lulu feeling even more like she was cast in the wrong family?

LuLu in LaLa Land

Me: Welcome Elisabeth! So glad to have you join us here on The Mixed-Up Files.  I love that LuLu is in a play format! What inspired you to write the book this way?

Elisabeth: When my daughter, Emmeline, was ten, she visited the TV set of Sonny with a Chance, watched the taping, and met the actors. The director gave her a copy of the teleplay that was just shot. Afterward, rather than chat about the young actors or cool set, Emmeline read and re-read that script.  Prying the soon dog-eared pages from her hands night after night, I decided how to write my book, Lulu in LA LA Land.   Why not have Lulu tell her story of life in Los Angeles in a screenplay format?  I decided to take the complaint that “kids don’t read enough because they watch too many television shows and movies” and turn it upside down.  Why not have kids read what a movie looks like before it’s shot?  Read what the actors read? So, I guess my “inspiration” came from TV!

Me:  What a great way to get kids interested in reading! Do you think LuLu is at all like you?

Elisabeth:  Yes! I am quite Lulu.  Like my main character, I grew up in Los Angeles and didn’t fit into the style and fashion centric universe.  I rode an old orange bicycle to school.  Well, that meant I always had to wear sensible outfits.  No heels or wedges.  No clingy clothing or fancy hair-dos. I certainly couldn’t juggle any designer purse!  Like Lulu’s parents, my mother and father were always busy.  I wished they would spend more time with me but I didn’t know how to ask them.   I’ve always been crazy in love with my dogs and interested in interesting people.   Watching birds and worrying about trash washing into the oceans are traits I was born with – like my brown hair and eyes.  Lulu, my character, however, is braver than I ever was growing up. I would only daydream about doing things Lulu does.

Me: I think as writers we’re allowed to develop characters that are braver than we are. It’s a way of showing a side of us we wish we could be. What would LuLu do if she was faced with choosing between chocolate or bacon?

Elisabeth:  Easy.  CHOCOLATE!  Examples of Lulu’s sweet tooth are spread throughout the book.  She’s crazy for cupcakes and dessert in all its glory!

Me: I wonder if this is another trait that you and LuLu share.  🙂 One last question…would you rather dance with a skeleton or eat dinner with a zombie?

Elisabeth:  Punch my dance card with “skeleton.”  Would love that.  Keeping the beat like they’ve got an inner rhythm, drummers are so cool.   Dancing with a skeleton could kinda be like dancing with a drummer. Their rattling limbs could be awesome percussion.  Perfect partner.

Me: Good choice! Thanks for the fun interview, Elisabeth!


Elisabeth Wolf

Elisabeth Wolf is a bit Lulu. She lives in Los Angeles where she grows fruits, vegetables, and native flowers. Every so often, she loves a good shopping trip and pedicure. Lulu in LA LA Land is her first book. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Amie Borst would dance with a skeleton, too. After all, her main character is one! Cinderskella, (co-authored by her middle-grade daughter) debuts October 2013! You can find Amie on her blog and on facebook.

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