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STEM Tuesday– Material Science– Book List



Materials Science is the field of researching and discovering materials. Not only is this field changing the face of sports and medicine; but it’s making strides in other places as well. Take a look at the titles below to discover more. Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World: 8601405513199: Miodownik, Mark: Books


Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World

by Mark Miodownik

Why do materials look and behave the way they do? This book speaks about the amazing properties of the materials all around us that we take for granted.






Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything

by Theodore Gray and Nick Mann (photographer)

In this book, the author explains how chemical structures work, and goes on to show how molecules make up the wonderfully wide variety of materials in our world.




Let’s Investigate Everyday Materials

by Ruth Owen

Readers will discover the properties of materials and how they’re suitable for specific tasks. In addition, they’ll learn how they’re made! Get up close to the worlds of wood, metal, plastic, glass, rock, and wool and discover how these items work for us regularly.






Working with Materials

by Sonya Newland and Diego Vaisberg.

This series takes a look at the different engineering fields. Hands-on activities encourage readers to develop their own skills after they examine the properties of basic materials. In addition, readers will learn more about how materials are made or mined, and how engineers decide to use them. The fascinating world of material science is here for discovery!



Experiments with Materials (Read and Experiment) by [Isabel Thomas]

Experiments with Materials

by Isabel Thomas.

The science of materials is the focus of this series which uses fun experiments to get readers involved. As they get hands-on with science, readers will be introduced to scientific concepts, analytical thinking, and so much more.






Discover Nanotechnology (Searchlight Books ™ — What's Cool about Science?)


Discover Nanotechnology

by Lisa J Amstutz

All about how scientists work with the tiniest objects imaginable to build wonderful things!





Super Gear 2017 STEM Book Award

Super Gear – Nanotechnology and Sports Team up 

by Jennifer Swanson.

Nanotechnology is an innovative science done at an atomic level. It’s used to create high-tech equipment for sports in ways we can only dream of! This book takes an in-depth look at the fascinating achievements of nanotechnology in sports and how it’s changing the game.







by Martin Gitlin, Alexis Roumanis

With this book, readers will learn about technological innovations and the world of nanotechnology. This world is tiny but fascinating, with applications in the field of medicine that might just surprise you.






Nanotechnology and Medicine 

by Don Nardo

Advances in nanotechnology are changing the world of medicine. This book speaks about how scientists and doctors are using tiny nanoparticles to give people longer, healthier lives.








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