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Learn to Detect Phony Photos

by Robin Terry Brown

Technology has made it so easy to alter photos that it can be hard even for professionals to tell if a photo is real or fake. Some experts specialize in “photo forensics,” using special software to detect false photos. But you can use these simple tricks to tell if a photo D might be a fake: 1 Look at the shadows. The light should be on one side and the shadows should be on the other. And all of the shadows should be at the same angle. If the shadows look off, that’s a sign that something may have been altered. 2 Does someone’s head look too big, or is a person’s body positioned at a strange angle? That could be a sign that two images have been combined into one. 3 Does it look like anything in the photo has been duplicated, with the same image appearing more than once? 4 If a photo looks suspicious, try doing a reverse image search. The search will show you where else the image has appeared online. If it shows up with details that are different from the ones you are seeing, that’s a sign that the photo is doctored.
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Answers (highlight to reveal): [A. The same flower is repeated multiple times, and did you notice the duplicated clouds? 
B. This shot is missing shadows, and the people are too big in relation to the mountain. C. The fireworks are drawn in and seem to come out of the ground. Look closely, you’ll see mountains in the background. But this is Brandenburg Gate, located in Berlin, Germany—a big city that’s not near a mountain range.
D. These grizzly bears look “pasted” into the scene. They don’t look natural. 
E. This cuddly panda mother and cub sure are sweet, but they appear cut out and placed in this bamboo setting. 
F. Several duplicate groups of people are sitting on the grass.]


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“Robin Terry Brown’s ‘Breaking the News,’ written in consultation with several journalism luminaries, is laid out the way magazines used to be, with captivating images, bite-size fact-filled blurbs and intuitive design. “Breaking the News” urges young people to leave their social media feeds and “read reliable news and information from many different sources.”
The New York Times
“[Breaking the News] provides a sharp-looking survey that examines the history of news-how it began, how it evolved, and what consumers of all ages must consider before accepting a truth as the truth. Cool bits of history, funny hoaxes, and the scary reality of propaganda are packed in simple bites easy to absorb. Excellent design and a clear narrative help readers navigate the vast and fast-changing concept of news.”


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Educator Guide

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Headlines leap out at us from mobile phones, TV screens, computers, newspapers, and everywhere we turn. Technology has opened up exciting new ways to tell interesting stories, but how much of it is news … and how much is just noise? This refreshing and up-to-date media literacy book gives kids the tools they need to distinguish what is fact from what is fiction so that they can make smart choices about what to believe.
Topics cover a broad range, from defining freedom of speech, the journalists’ code of ethics, the dangers of propaganda, and the future of news.
Packed with profiles of influential journalists, fun facts, and iconic photographs, this ultimate guide to the information age will get kids thinking about their relationship and responsibility to media.


About the Author: ROBIN TERRY BROWN graduated from the master’s program at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism with a passion for writing, editing, and getting the facts straight. She carried this passion throughout her 17-year career as a senior editor with National Geographic. Brown currently lives with her husband in northern Virginia, where she works as a writer, editor, and truth-seeker.
SUSAN GOLDBERG, contributor, is an award-winning journalist, editorial director of National Geographic Partners, and editor in chief of National Geographic magazine. Prior to National Geographic, Goldberg was an executive editor at Bloomberg News in Washington, D.C. She has also held posts at several news organizations, including The Plain Dealer, San Jose Mercury News, USA Today, the Detroit Free Press, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In 2017, Washingtonian magazine named Goldberg one of Washington, D.C.’s most powerful women.
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  1. This book is getting a lot of buzz. It looks terrific. Thanks for showing me more about it.

  2. I cross check between a few sources for one story.

  3. This type of info/material should be In every school curriculum starting at elementary school.

  4. This book is timely and has much needed fact-checking my family needs, especially after experiencing this election process.