Books & Cats: A Unique Bookstore


Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA, has books and adoptable cats.

Have you ever visited a bookstore where you can buy books and adopt a cat? Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA, is a unique indie bookstore where you can do both. It’s a cat lover’s and a book lover’s dream. In addition to three resident cats, the store always has several adorable cats and kittens looking for Furever homes.

First, let’s meet the resident cats with their unique personalities:

My favorite is Annika. I’d never seen a grumpy-looking cat before, but Annika looks annoyed when you meet her. Maybe she didn’t like posing as a unicorn when she has a dragon-cut fur, or else she wants to look fierce when she guards the books. Don’t let her expression fool you, though. She’ll warm up if you offer her a treat. And she loves books.

grumpy catcat with dragon cut








Next is Mouse, a cuddly gray and white cat, who was born in the bookstore during the COVID-19 shutdown in Spring 2020.


If you want to hold or pet a cat, Mouse’s buddy, Zak, loves attention. The two of them also enjoy helping each new foster cat feel at home.

siamese cat

In addition to these three lovable felines and about 130,000 books at Cupboard Maker Books, you’ll also find cats to take home. The bookstore partners with Castaway Critters, a local rescue organization, to find foster homes for abandoned cats.

When you enter the store, go on a cat hunt. Some of the cats will seek you out. You’ll find others on the yellow brick road to the children’s section. . .

yellow brick road

sitting on stools or ladders. . .

cat on stoolcat on ladder








lounging atop cages. . .

cats on cages

snuggling in baskets. . .

cats in basket

peeking out from behind chairs. . .

cat behind chair

sauntering down aisles. . .

cats walking

or hanging out at the inspiration wall, where cats and people can get their pictures taken with butterfly wings.

butterfly wallcat with wings











Don’t forget to check out the book arch. . .

book arch

High overhead, the cats also like to strut along the ramps above the bookshelves. But they can always be lured down by treats. (The pictures on the ramps represent the more than 170 cats who’ve found their special homes.)

Cats on Ramp video

The bookstore has an interesting history. You might wonder how it got its name. When it opened in 1998, the store was called the Cupboard Maker, and they sold hand-crafted cupboards. Back then, the store had only one bookshelf. But the book collection grew and grew and grew until it moved to its present location at 157 N Enola Rd (Routes 11/15), Enola, PA 17025.


So would you rather buy a book or adopt a cat? If your answer is either or both, you’ll want to visit Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA. Owner Michelle Mioff-Haring and her book-loving (and cat-loving) staff love matching readers with great books and special pets. They also host multiple book clubs and author visits. You can check them out online, see the most recent foster cats on Facebook, or call (717) 732-7288.

Bookstore Hours:

Mon-Sat 10 am – 8 pm

Sundays 11 to 5

(Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)

cat car

Laurie J. Edwards
Laurie J. Edwards planned to run away when she was nine. She didn’t get far before she realized she’d miss her pet parakeet, so she slept on the back patio. That started her on a life of travel that has led to many interesting adventures, including stepping on a lizard in Africa, climbing a Korean mountain in flip-flops, strolling the streets of Venice in a cat costume, and eating deep-fried water beetles (yum!) in China. You can find out more about her and her books at her website.
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  1. What a unique store. Love all the cats and books, it would be sooo difficult to leave without taking one or more with you.