Announcing STEM Tuesday’s Annual CoSTEM Contest!!



Greetings STEM Tuesday fans!! I know you’re all thinking…  this isn’t a Tuesday. You’re right.

We were SO EXCITED about our


that we had to take over a  Thursday post to announce it.


What do you get when you cross a costume contest with STEM Tuesday?

The SECOND Annual October CoSTEM contest!

Muwahahaha (Cue eerie, ghostly music)


As a way to celebrate TWO whole years of STEM Tuesday blogs, we thought we would do a mash-up of literacy and STEM costumes. So drag out your favorite books, take a good look at the theme, then create an amazing, one-of-a-kind, spectacular costume.

Contest Rules:

  • This contest is open to all school-aged students, ages 5 and up. 
  • Submit a jpeg of yourself or  your class dressed as your favorite STEM book.
  • Be sure to let us know the title and the author of the book. 
  • The book must be for readers ages 8 and up. 
  • All submissions are due by midnight EST November 8th, 2019. (no exceptions!) 
  • Submissions MUST come from an adult who will grants us permission to post this image on the Mixed Up Files website. 
  • All images will be judged by the STEM Tuesday team. We will be looking for creativity, subject (how close you are to the theme of the book), and authentic (how exact is the STEM theme displayed)
  • Winners will be posted on the STEM Tuesday blog on November 14th, 2019.
  • Send your images to the following email:


Need suggestions for how do create a CoSTEM? Take a look at some of our examples below:



This book about a black hole                      Inspired this costume of a black hole




inspired these two girls to make a plastic costume

this book about plastic


Are you starting to see a pattern?  Good!

I suppose you want to know about the prizes. Well, here they are:

1st Place —  Receives 5 autographed STEM Books + $25 Barnes & Noble Gift card

2nd Place — Receives 3 autographed STEM Books + $15 Barnes & Noble Gift card

3rd Place—   Receives 2 autographed STEM Books +$10 Barnes & Noble Gift card


Here are just a few of the books you could win:


HUGE thanks to the following authors for donating copies of their books!

Carla Mooney,  Janet Slingerland, Sue Heavenrich, Kirsten W. Larson, Dianne White, Susan M. Latta, Laurie Wallmark,

Julia Garstecki, and Jennifer Swanson 

Click on their names to check out other amazing STEM books they write!



Have questions about the contest? Direct them to the same email as above:

We hope you will ALL participate!  Help us to  celebrate a STEM- Literacy MASH-UP, CoSTEM style!!



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