Vote For the Great Library Giveaway of 2012

Many of the books donated for our Great Library Giveaway of 2012.  Photo Copyright Laurie Schneider 2012. All rights reserved.

We’ve enjoyed reading the 196 nominations that came in for our Great Library Giveaway.  We wish we could supply each library with a stack of books, but since we can’t, we are grateful to our readers for helping us choose who should receive our middle-grade collection.

And today is the day you can help.  Today you can vote for which library you think needs these books the most.  But first, we’d like to introduce the finalists, chosen at random by our random generator, and share a little about each school with you.  Here they are in random order.

Nipomo Elementary School Library in Nipomo, California!

Photo property of Cathe Olson and Nipomo Elementary School. Used by permission.

Cathe Olson nominated this library.  Also the school librarian, she says of the school:

“Nipomo Elementary School is made up of almost 500 kindergarten through sixth grade students, many are low income or English learners, but all are bright, talented, and wonderful kids. Because of school budget cuts, we are not getting any funds to purchase library materials. Many of our books are old and falling apart.

“Our students love the library and love books. We need new books that will appeal to the kids and help them become lifelong readers. Reading is essential for students to be successful in school and in life. The library is where they can find that one book that will turn them on to books and help them to become lifelong readers. ”

Discovery Middle School Library in Granger, Indiana!

Photo property of Discovery Middle School. Used by permission.

This library was nominated by The Brain Lair, who is also the school’s librarian.  She says:

“Why should Discovery Middle School receive 100 middle grade books? Because we. LOVE. TO. READ! Every Friday morning we stop everything for Friday Reads. Each person; student or staff reads for 30 minutes and then spend time talking about and sharing our reads.  We also have Book Talk Tuesday – where in I entice the students with book talks on our morning news show. We also do One Book, One School – last year we read the Hunger Games then over 100 students participated in our Battle of the Book! We even had weekly trivia game shows!! We can’t get enough of reading! So, what do we need at our school? More BOOKS! Please help us get them so we can keep doing what we love!”

Gateway College Preparatory School Library in Georgetown, Texas!

Photo property of Gateway College Prep. Used by permission.

This library was nominated by a parent, Shelly.  We talked with the school’s librarian, Kara Angell, and she had this to say:

“Gateway College Preparatory is a K-12 charter school in central Texas. Although Gateway College Prep is in its fourth year of existence, the library has only been operational since February of this year. Our collection consists of donated resources, many of which were gently used and several years old when given to the school. Although these books are loved by our 820 students, they are beginning to fall apart from overuse.

“The children at Gateway are avid readers. The parents and teachers do a fantastic job of instilling a love of reading in these students. Our goal as a library program is to nurture that passion by expanding our current collection and providing them with as many opportunities as possible to make a connection to story or a character. Through this contest, our students will have the opportunity to get their hands on brand new books- something many of them have not done before while visiting the school library. One hundred books may not seem like a lot to some of the bigger, public school libraries but at Gateway it would mean the world. I can only imagine how excited the students would be to know that new books were coming, and all because people took their time to vote for the little charter school out in the cornfields. :-)”




Now it’s your turn to decide. You can find the poll at the top of our left sidebar.  If you have trouble voting, please send us an email at librarygiveaway at fromthemixedupfiles dot com and we’ll manually add your vote to the tally. Please feel free to leave comments as well, but these will not be counted in the official tally.  For the official list of rules, please view our Great Library Giveaway FAQ. Polls close at 11:59pm on October 30, 2012.


Good luck to all three finalists, and our voters as well!

Elissa Cruz
  1. Gateway WINS the books!!! Awesome!!!!

  2. I know all of these schools are deserving, but I am still holding my breath for our little school of Gateway. It is not a public school and it is not a private school so it does not receive all of the property/city/state tax support or tuition to help purchase much needed supplies. Our library is currently pretty much donated used books only so it will be VERY exciting for these students to have contemporary new books to choose from! 100 books will make a BIG impact on our library! Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity for schools like ours!

  3. Gateway College Preparatory School in Georgetown, TX is a fairly new school that is taking a new approach to education. The library could really use the books!!!


  5. Go go Gateway!

  6. Gateway!!! Go Gators!!!

  7. gateway

  8. Gateway!

  9. Gateway!!!

  10. Discovery Middle School!

  11. I vote for Discovery!

  12. I vote for Gateway!

  13. GO GATEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Go Gateway!!!! Wishing lots of great reading!!!!!