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Changing of the Guard

Hello, Mixed-Up Files friends! It seems like ages since I joined the blog in 2014. So much has happened–an international move, writing and revising (and rewriting and revising and…)  four middle grade manuscripts, ups, downs, highs, lows…you get the picture.

As much as I’ve loved geeking out on middle-grade books with you all, it is time for me to move on. If we were face to face, I would probably sing to you, because that’s what I do (just ask my kids). Instead, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite farewell songs:


I’m thrilled to see several Mixed-Up Filers stepping up to take over leadership on the blog and know you, dear readers, will continue to be in very good hands.

And because I can’t resist, I’ll leave you with one last book list too.

2018 Summer Reads

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgFull of family secrets, sibling conflict, and sweet baking magic, A Dash of Trouble will enchant you with it’s fun plot and spunky main character.



Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgThe Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is a creepy middle grade mash-up of Lemony Snicket, Edgar Allen Poe, and Oscar Wilde. Read at your own risk!



Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgIf that’s way too spooky for your young reader, check out this sweet summer debut by the lovely Cindy Baldwin about a young girl coming to terms with her mother’s mental illness.



Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgFirst love and a desperate search for a missing mother make this debut from Kheryn Callender a must-read.




Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgAnd it wouldn’t be a booklist from me without a little bit of fantasy. From the second I saw the cover art for this stunning book, I knew it was going to be fantastic. Strong female heroines, a horde of demons, and the Serpent King make this one a gripping read.