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Cover Reveal for WELCOME TO WASHINGTON, FINA MENDOZA, by Kitty Felde

Today we’re thrilled to host Kitty Felde’s cover reveal for her upcoming debut novel, WELCOME TO WASHINGTON, FINA MENDOZA. (Black Rose Writing)

Here’s Kitty to tell us about her book:

WELCOME TO WASHINGTON, FINA MENDOZA grew out of more than half a dozen years covering Congress for Southern California Public Radio. I took all those stories about life in Washington and turned them into my first middle-grade mystery.

It paints members of Congress as real people with real families, as well as petty party differences, a sense of formality from another century, and even dogs who wander the hallways as if they were the ones elected last November. These were all the stories I used to tell at dinner parties to try to explain DC to folks outside the beltway. My hope is that this middle-grade mystery will help explain how Congress works – and these days doesn’t seem to work – as it tackles the nation’s problems.

I also wanted to create a book where the characters are from Southern California – a rarity in middle-grade fiction. Fina sees DC through that West Coast lens, noting the oddities of Capitol Hill and missing her life back in Los Angeles.

Fina was inspired by the young woman I mentored for many years: smart, fearless, but a little bit shy. My real-life Fina even lent her name for the character.

What’s the story about?

Legend has it that whoever sees the Demond Cat of Capitol Hill is cursed.

And now, Fina Mendoza, the daughter of a congressman, has seen this cat. Which might explain the string of disasters in her life, including exploding jars of spaghetti sauce and he beloved Abuelita breaking her leg. The only way for Fina to save her family from future “cat”astrophes is to solve the mystery of the  Demon Cat of Capitol Hill.

And now that your appetite is whetted, ta-da…….Here’s the cover!

Illustrator: Imelda Hinojosa

More from Kitty:

I had the happy opportunity to work with the perfect illustrator. Imelda Hinojosa, another Southern California girl. She captured the Fina of my imagination. She also captured the menace and capriciousness of the Demon Cat. I love how she positioned the cat swiping at the U.S. Capitol with its paw. I also think she’s created the perfect Senator Something, the orange furry goofball of a dog who becomes Fina’s first friend in DC. Imelda “got” this book – its heart and humor, but also the basic plot.

About Author Kitty Felde:

Public radio veteran Kitty Felde hosts the award-winning Book Club for Kids podcast – named one of the top 10 kidcasts in the world by “The Times of London.” She also writes plays that are performed worldwide. She fell in love with literature for young readers when she was a young reader herself, working at her local public library. Kitty looked for the Demon Cat while covering Congress for public radio. She found the paw prints, but not the cat.

You can find out more about Kitty here:

WELCOME TO WASHINGTON, FINA MENDOZA is available February 28, published by Black Rose Writing.

We’re thrilled that we could host Kitty’s cover reveal and wish her the best of luck with WELCOME TO WASHINGTON, FINA MENDOZA. Even better–we get to offer one lucky winner a free copy of an ARC to this fun book. Enter our RaffleCopter below — and good luck!

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Cover Reveal! The Long Trail Home

Today I’m honored to participate in some Cover Reveal Fun! I’m celebrating with Kiersi Burkhart and Amber J Keyser, whose new middle grade series, Quartz Creek Ranch, launches in January 2017.

It’s a bit out of the ordinary for all the first books in the series to drop at once, but I’m really excited about it! Books 1-3 in the series, are Shy Girl & Shy GuyOne Brave Summer, and At Top Speed. I got a sneak peek at the first few chapters of The Long Trail Home, the fourth book, to prepare for this cover reveal. I have to tell you,  I can’t wait to read them all.

Here’s what the publishers have to share about the series:

Every summer, the gates of Quartz Creek Ranch swing open for kids in trouble. Under the watchful eyes of lifelong ranchers Willard and Etty Bridle, these ten to twelve-year-olds put their hands—and hearts—to good use, herding cattle, tending the garden, harvesting hay, and caring for animals. Aided by two teenage horse trainers, the kids must forge a bond with their therapy horses, grow beyond the mistakes that brought them to the ranch, and face unique challenges in the rugged Colorado rangeland.

I spent many formative hours on a cattle ranch when I was a middle grade kid, and learning to coexist with working animals shaped my view of the world in some powerful ways. This volume in the series is also important because it helps young readers see themselves between the pages of a book. As Amber shared with me, this book is near and dear to her heart. “I so wanted to have a book about a Jewish girl that wasn’t about the Holocaust, and this is it!”

Also from the publishers, about The Long Trail Home, the subject of our post today:

Rivka can’t wait to get away from her family for the summer.  Since that terrible day last year, she wants no part in their Jewish community. At least at Quartz Creek Ranch, she feels worlds away from home among the Colorado scenery, goofy ranch owners, and baby animals. Other parts of Quartz Creek, however, are too familiar, including the unsettling wave of anti-immigrant threats to ranch workers. On a trip to the country, Rivka is also surprised to learn the history of Jewish pioneers in the area. When she and her defiant cabinmate, Cat, face disaster in the wild, Rivka will need to find strength deep within her to help them both get home safely.
I’ve read Amber’s work, both fiction and nonfiction, and her books are unique and wonderful reflections of this diversely talented author. I’m really looking forward to this series by Kiersi and Amber, and I hope you are, too.

And now, drumroll…

The cover! Isn’t it lovely?

I will be so happy when these books are available to share with my favorite nieces, nephews, and school libraries…

More about Kiersi and Amber:

KIERSI BURKHART grew up riding horses on the Colorado Front Range. At sixteen, she attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland and spent her young adult years in beautiful Oregon—until she discovered her sense of adventure was calling her elsewhere. Now she travels around with her best friend, a mutt named Baby, writing fiction for children of all ages. Kiersi’s website is: Find her on Twitter @kiersi.

AMBER J. KEYSER is happiest when she is in the wilderness with her family. Lucky for her, the rivers and forests of Central Oregon let her paddle, hike, ski, and ride horses right outside her front door. When she isn’t adventuring, Amber writes fiction and nonfiction for young readers and goes running with her dog, Gilda. Her website is: and you can follow her on Twitter: @amberjkeyser.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share in the fun with our readers, Amber and Kiersi!


In fourth grade, Valerie Stein touched an ancient artifact from an archaeological dig. Though she never got to travel the world in search of buried treasure, she ended up journeying to new and exciting places between the pages of books. Now she spends her time researching history in museums and libraries, which is like archaeology but without the dirt. Valerie’s book, The Best of It: A Journal of Life, Love and Dying, was published in 2009.  Both her current work and upcoming middle grade stories are historical fiction set in Washington State. Valerie is Publisher at Homeostasis Press, and manages Gather Here: History for Young People