Swing for the Fences with these Baseball Books!

Hello Mixed-Up Filers!

I’m so excited since we get to be with each other twice in one week! Can this month get any better? Well, yes, it can!

You see, besides getting me, March is also known for another pretty cool thing. No, not talking about the Ides of March, since I’m pretty sure Caesar wasn’t very fond of that day. But, I am talking about Spring Training and baseball!

Spring Training is the start of a new season. A rebirth. Every fan can imagine their team possibly winning the World Series. Well, except me, since I’m a Mets fan, but other fans can.

And since the season is right around the corner, let’s dive into some fun baseball-related books.

(Btw, if you’re an Astros fan, I’ll include some banging a garbage can sound effects to accompany the article, to make you feel at home).

Anyway, without further ado, here we go!


First up, we have King of the Bench: No Fear by Steve Moore.

This is a really funny book for fans of the Wimpy Kid series. Steve, who is used to being on the bench for all the sports he plays, then becomes fearful of even getting into the game because of a beanball to another player. Been there.


Magic Tree House: A Big Day for Baseball by Mary Pop Osborne.

I can’t express how much I love the Magic Tree House series. But Time Travel AND baseball? I’m in. In this one, Jack and Annie get to travel to 1947, Brooklyn, (My hometown!) and see Jackie Robinson play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. I grew up hearing my grandmother telling me stories about the Dodgers in Brooklyn, so I love this.

New Kid by Tim Green.

Love these books. Tommy has to travel from town to town because of his dad’s past, so he can never truly fit into one place. He’s also friends with the town bully, which further complicates things. Tommy has to try and make a place for himself while trying to leave his past behind.

Our last book on this baseball journey is, Out of Left Field by Ellen Klages.

Set in 1957, Katy is the best pitcher in the neighborhood, but girls aren’t allowed to play in Little League. Katy sets out to fight for her right to play the sport she loves, as well as learn about other women who played baseball before her.

Well, that should be a great starting place to dig in and get some baseball reading in before the season. As far as the season itself, good luck to whatever team you root for, unless it’s the Yankees, then you and I are going to have words.

Until next time . . .



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  1. Perfect timing, as I am in the midst of writing a MG novel about an 11-year-old baseball fan and his dreams of being an MLB player. Baseball needs more books for young fans who are gravitating to basketball which is not, in my humble opinion, even close to the great sport of baseball, which is full of lore and tradition.

  2. Can’t wait until opening day. I’ve read New Kid and Out of Left Field, but not the other two. Thanks for the heads up on those.