Support “Indies First” on November 30

In an open letter to his fellow authors on the ABA (American Booksellers Association) website, author Sherman Alexie is calling on us to be superheros for independent bookstores on Small Business Saturday, November 30.

He hopes that authors around the country will spend some time at their local bookstores, hand-selling, making recommendations, signing books, and generally hanging out.

“I was a bookseller-for-a-day at Seattle’s Queen Anne Book Company this past April,” Alexie says, when one of the store’s co-owners came up with this idea.

“What could be better than spending a day hanging out in your favorite hometown indie, hand-selling books you love to people who will love them too, and signing a stack of your own?” he says.

He asks authors to contact their local bookstore about the initiative, and bookstores to contact authors as well in order to set up their own plan for the day.


Alexie says that the Indies he’s talked to have told him that Small Business Saturday was one of their biggest days of the year, and in some cases the biggest after the Saturday before Christmas. “That means your books will get a huge boost, wherever you choose to be,” he says.

Read Alexie’s full letter here and reach out to your independent bookstore today!


Michele Weber Hurwitz loves her nearby independent bookstore, The Book Stall, in Winnetka, IL.


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