Summer Fun with M.G.

Hi Mixed-Up Readers! It’s me, M.G., and I’m back to update our Kid’s Page after a very busy spring. This year has been full of excitement as I hibernated and transformed and I spent the spring getting used to the new me.  Who knew growing and learning was such hard work?  I have come to appreciate the everyday challenges of being a kid. It was much easier when I thought I knew everything I needed to know!

But it’s also fun to learn new things. I’ve lived at the library for as long as I can remember and was so used to being here that that I’d stopped looking around.  But recently I’ve been examining things I’d previously overlooked and I rediscovered the travel section. I’ve spent the last month taking pretend vacations all over the world just by opening a book.  I’ve gone to Rome and Antarctica, Australia and Peru, and now I have the itch to explore the world in person, so to speak. But when you are a library creature like me, transportation is a huge problem, as I imagine it is for most kids.

But then I stumbled across a book about all about my own city and got a great idea. I’ve called a truce with the library mice. It’s time for an adventure and I need their help. I want to figure out a way to take a vacation that allows me to come home to the safety of my library every night. So we are working together to figure out a plan to check out the treasures near our very own library. The mice have some intriguing ideas. Perhaps I have underestimated them.

As part of our research, the mice and I have been reading family newspapers, magazines and books searching for thing to do while we explore our town.  But you have another resource! The Mixed-Up authors have created some fun and tasty activities for you to do while vacationing at home this summer.

To get a head start on places to visit this summer (or a virtual vacation, too), check out our Destination: Books! book list. If you want to exercise your mind while thinking of other exciting destinations, try our Summer Travel Word Search.  Weather not cooperating with your plans for outside fun?  No worries. The Mixed-Up Authors have you covered with ideas for lemon science in the kitchen. While you are in the kitchen, try out these tasty kid-inspired smoothie recipes. And as long as you have the snacks ready, invite some friends over for a summer lemonade party. And last but never least, we are back to books with these links for summer reading clubs. After all, you have the food, the friends and the fun—why not bring the books?

So, my Mixed-Up friends, let’s all have a wonderful summer, whether we travel far or create a vacation at home.  I’ll be back in the fall, ready for fresh, new school year. Have fun and most of all   . . .

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M. G. Creature