Really Royal Reads!

Do you have an aspiring princess or prince in your palace?


Are your nearest and dearest obsessed with the new royal baby?


Why not translate royal fever into really great reading with prince and princess themed books?


Young middle grade readers will all hail Stephanie Greene’s Princess Posey series. Posey is a realistic first grader who insists on wearing a very royal tutu to school. In the newest installment,Princess Posey and the New First Grader, Posey copes with new new girl, Grace, and her fancy “princess hair.” What girl, royal or not, can’t relate?


Slip into a classic with The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Translated from French, with delicate watercolor illustrations, this somewhat surrealist tale features a stranded pilot who meets a boy prince who fell to earth from an asteroid. Magnifique!


Closer to home, former Mixed-Up member Jennifer Nielsen is the author of The False Prince, first book is The Ascendency Trilogy. In a fantastic twist on the old Prince and Pauper tale, orphan Sage is recruited to impersonate the king’s long lost son.


Shannon Hale’s charming Princess Academy was awarded a Newbery Honor, with reluctant Miri forced to attended a harsh school for potential princesses.


Rounding out my own royal list is something a bit different. New grandpa Prince Charles is the author of The Old Man of Lochnagar, a surprisingly strong “celebrity book” based on a story the prince made up for his little brothers. It features an old Scotsman, a giant and a bathtub. How can you resist a royal scrub-up?

Are you going ga ga for the new royal baby? What regal books would you recommend?

Tami Lewis Brown writes middle grade books with nary an aristocrat in site but procrastinates by surfing the web for royal gossip.

Tami Lewis Brown
  1. Nice list of royalty themed books, all I know is the baby is a smidge late.

  2. Jill you haven’t missed any big royal baby news… so far!

  3. Great post and now my TBR list is growing bigger and bigger. Yipes.

    (side note: I don’t have TV/cable and haven’t been looking at news on internet and am out of the loop on …all news 🙂 Guess I need to go catch up on the royal family – and more!)