Mixed-Up Instagram: an April #mglitchallenge!!

Fromthemixedupfiles.com is @mixedupfilesmg on Instagram!

And to celebrate our new foray into the world of #mglit pics, we want you to join us in a 30-day Instagram challenge.

The fantastic April #mglitchallenge

Here’s the deal: follow us on Instagram (@mixedupfilesmg) and post a pic that corresponds to the day on the image below. Don’t forget to hashtag it #mglitchallenge! We’ll be watching the hashtag to see what you’re posting, and  featuring the very best of your posts.

#muflit #mglitchallenge middle grade books authors librarians

Of course, 2021.fromthemixedupfiles.com is focused on middle grade books, so that’s what we’re looking for. MG authors, readers, and librarians, join us and show us where your passion for middle grade lit comes from!

Sean Easley on InstagramSean Easley on Twitter
Sean Easley
Sean Easley never could quite get it right. He spent his middle school years locking himself in lockers, giving the wrong girls teddy bears like a dork, and almost getting his eye knocked out in the halls at school. And here’s a secret… even though he managed to get a masters degree in education and spent over a decade counseling students, he never quite grew out of messing things up.

Now Sean writes crazy, mixed-up stories about crazy, mixed-up kids who, like him, just can’t quite get it right. His middle grade debut THE HOTEL BETWEEN is coming from Simon & Schuster in 2018. You can find him at seaneasley.com
  1. Wow, great fun!

  2. I love this! A whole month to geek out on MG. Can’t wait!