March New Releases!

 The Magician’s Tower: A Sequel to The Wizard of Dark Street   by Shawn Thomas Odyssey 



In her first big case, Oona Crate was able to solve the mystery of her uncle’s—the wizard of Dark Street—disappearance while exposing Red Martin as a criminal mastermind. Despite her success, Oona’s detective agency has failed to take off. But a new challenge arises to capture her attention – The Magician’s Tower Contest. Held every two years, no one has ever completed the array of dangerous tasks, riddles, and obstacles. Now brave souls—includ­ing Oona—from all over Dark Street will enter the contest in hopes of becoming the first successful contestant.

As the contest commences, a new case arises. A punchbowl—one with great magical powers—has disappeared from the carnival surrounding the Magician’s Tower.  If Oona can find the culprit, she could use the bowl to answer her long-standing question about her mother and sister’s death ­was she really at fault?



Backyard Biology: Investigate Habitats Outside Your Door with 25 Projects by Donna Latham

This introduction to the basic concepts of biology removes any fears associated with the subject and reveals exciting discoveries about microorganism, plant, and animal life using the backyard as a laboratory. Kids in both the city and the country will engage in the scientific process as they watch yeast blow up a balloon, make predictions about and test seed growth in different soils, grow microbes in a Winogradsky Column, observe the effects of geotropism, prepare and nurture a habitat for bugs, and make an edible coral reef. As readers engage with the text and understand what living things are made of, and how backyard plants and animals thrive and adapt, they will also learn about how their own actions can harm the living things around them, and what they can do to protect their backyard habitats.

Nightmare of the Iguana (Dragonbreath Series #8) by Ursula Vernon

Danny Dragonbreath has seen a lot of weird things, but nothing quite like the inside of his best friend Wendell’s brain. Wendell has been having terrible nightmares, and Danny and Wendell’s totally-not-girlfriend Suki agree to venture into the iguana’s mind to get rid of the thing causing the dreams—before Wendell goes permanently insane. There’s more scary stuff in Wendell’s strange and nerdy subconscious than Danny bargained for, and getting out of there is no easy feat, even for a ninja girl and an almost-fire-breathing dragon.

The eighth book in the smoking hot Dragonbreath series for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate will make you laugh until smoke comes out your nose!



The Trap Door (Infinity Ring Series #3) by Lisa McMann

The third book in Lisa McMann plunks time-travelers Dak, Sera, and Riq down into the dark days of American slavery. Their dangerous attempts to reopen the Underground Railroad take a frightening personal turn when young African-American Riq is captured and shuttled off to the auction-block. Editor’s recommendation. (P.S. Trap Door has already been praised for its historical realism.)  Kirkus Reviews

Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun by Liz Kessler

The New York Times best-selling series continues with the half-mermaid embarking on an icy and perilous journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Strange storms are blowing up from the ocean, caused by the nightmares of Neptune, King of the Sea. Convinced that his dreams herald an approaching threat, Neptune enlists half-mermaids Emily Windsnap and Aaron for a top-secret mission to find and eliminate the source of the trouble. But Emily and Aaron quickly get in over their heads in the frigid waters of the frozen north. Deep within an alpine lake where magical reflections show what could be rather than what is, the two discover a trove of stolen memories and Neptune’s darkest secret. Double-crosses and double-takes abound in Liz Kessler’s fifth magical mermaid adventure.



101 Animal Records by Melvin Berger,  Gilda Berger

From the authors of the wildly successful 101 ANIMAL SECRETS and 101 FREAKY ANIMALS comes this compendium of the animal kingdom’s most amazing records!

Did you know that the blue whale, the world’s largest animal, is as big as three school buses and weighs as much as twenty-seven elephants? Or that a sea wasp is so poisonous, its venom can kill up to sixty human adults? Can you believe that the silk moth caterpillar’s appetite is so enormous that it can eat more that than 1,000 times its weight each day?

Filled with fascinating facts and tons of detailed photographs, 101 Animal Records is sure to be an instant favorite for kids, parents, and teachers alike!

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  1. Another good month for MG. So much to read!

  2. Thanks for sharing the new releases. Actually, I’m more excited for the ones coming out in April, like The Flame in the Mist.