Happy 3rd Anniversary STEM Tuesday!! (Enter our Big Giveaway Celebration!)




The entire STEM Tuesday team is SO excited to be celebrating our third anniversary!! We have enjoyed every minute of it and hope you have, too.

Our goal, when we started this blog was to provide  engaging, exciting, and inspiring STEM/STEAM activities and literacy connections to all of our readers. Over the past three years, we have taken a deep dive into so many unique and interesting topics.

From conservation, to Health, to Field Work, and even Exploration and Technology. We have featured graphic novels, Women’s History month, sharks, and activity books. And who can forget the posts on epic achievements and fantastic failures? Such important concepts in all of STEM/STEAM.

If you have used STEM Tuesday’s posts in your classroom or homeschool, let us know by commenting below. We’d like to hear what kind of  STEM/STEAM activities and literacy connections your student’s are enjoying. If there is topic that we haven’t covered yet and you’d like to see, please also let us know. You can email us at stemmuf@gmail.com

We, the entire STEM Tuesday team thank you for reading our posts and using our resources in your classroom or homeschool. After all, it’s all about inspiring kids (of all ages) to engage with STEM and STEAM!

As a way to share our excitement of this anniversary, we are going to give YOU the prizes.

Take a look at some of the amazing giveaways being offered:


From Author Jennifer Swanson

TWO free books– Beastly Bionics and Save the Crash-test Dummies



From Author Kirsten W. Larson  

Do one of my FlipGrids and invite me to join. I’ll record a FlipGrid for your students and comment on their videos.


Paper Airplane Creations: https://flipgrid.com/6f3beaf2


From Mike Hays

“Catch a Wave!” STEM Tuesday Prize Pack

For the budding young physicist, here’s an electromagnetic wave prize package inspired by the “Catch a Wave” STEM Tuesday Spin-Off post at MG Book Village. (link: https://mgbookvillage.org/2020/02/13/stem-tuesday-spin-off-catch-a-wave-edition/ )

3’ Horseshoe Magnet, Compass, Bar Magnet Set, Prism, Folding Pocket Magnifying Glass

AND two 30-min. classroom Skype visits



From Author Mary Kay Carson

TWO activity-filled books as giveaways–Wildlife Ranger Action Guide & Alexander Graham Bell for Kids



From Author Karen Latchana Kenney 

TWO books for  giveaway: TV Brings Battle into the Home with the Vietnam War and Exploring Auroras


From Author Carla Mooney 

TWO books  for giveaway – Inside the Human Body & The Human Genome: Mapping the Blueprint of Human Life



From Author Janet Slingerland

One book Atoms and Molecules AND a FREE 15-minute Skype Q & A



From Author Heather L. Montgomery,

Whose books include:  Who Gives a Poop? Surprising Science from One End to the Other and Something Rotten: A Fresh Look at Roadkill.

One FREE 15-20 minute Skype Visit 




From Author Nancy Castaldo

Whose books include:  The Farm that Feeds Us and Back from the Brink: Saving Animals from Extinction

One FREE 20 minute Skype Visit 

ENTER the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget BELOW  


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We salute all of you teachers, librarians, and parents who are doing an AWESOME job teaching your kids/students this school year. If you are looking for virtual visits, please be sure to check our websites.

Many of us are offering activities and virtual events. You can find us all HERE

THANK YOU for reading along with STEM Tuesday. Cheers to another great year. GO STEM!!!




Jennifer Swanson is the creator and administrator of STEM Tuesday. Hugely passionate about making STEM engaging and inspiring for kids of ALL ages, she is also the creator of STEAMTeamBooks, a website that highlights new STEM books releasing every year, and also the creator of the new Solve It! for Kids podcast where, along with her co-host, Jed Doherty, they give a peek into the lives of real-life scientists and engineers as they solve problems in their daily jobs.

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  1. Thanks Donna! We love to get confetti 🙂

  2. I like STEM/STEAM because students can explore a broad range of interests in an engaging, interactive manner. Integration is important. I like that relating to real life is stressed in the lesson plans.

    • You are so right, Sheryl, STEM is all about real life. Getting kids to see that science and STEM is all around them is a big plus

  3. As a middle school science teacher I appreciate everything STEM! THANK YOU for this!

    • You’re so welcome, Natalie. Thanks for reading our STEM Tuesday posts!

  4. Hi everyone !!

    I love STEM because it’s so versatile and fun. It allows a student to engage and enjoy learning. I have set up so many stem centres in my classrooms to provoke curiosity and enable them to engage in something they love doing. STEM is open ended it allows children to use their own imaginations and perspectives to create, build and figure out things. Believe it or not when I set up stem centres for my students I saw their creativity imagination and focus come alive and each made a different creation along with working with their friends. STEM also encourages teamwork and cooperation which in turn strengthens skills like turn taking and sharing materials to come up with something fun and unique. STEM is so diverse it couples together science engineering math literacy and art which is why I love STEM and the resources above would help me create fun STEM centres for my kids and provoke them to learn more about STEM in a interactive snagging and positive manner.

    • YAY! for STEM centers!! Yes, STEM is very diverse which is why it’s great for kids

  5. I like STEM because it is so beautifully paired with the Arts to create a full, memorable experience. I enjoy taking information and wrapping music around it. Then I like to share with Ss & Ts. Turn STEM to STEAM whenever possible and help put back Arts in Education, which is suffering greatly now. I also want to work with students writing STEAM Songs. I was never encouraged scientifically as a student, so I never considered a STEM job. I want to correct that situation, and find fun ways to excite Ss about STEM careers. I am discovering science again through kidlit and it has opened up a new world, and a new world of possibilities. Thanks for letting me gush. I meant it.

    • Annie, I love your passion for STEAM — and your songs. STEM + Arts is definitely something kids (of all ages) love

  6. Very cool collection of stuff! Surely my sons class would love to interact with all these great folks!

  7. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS! ****** I’m throwing virtual confetti *******

    • Thanks Donna! We love to get confetti 🙂

  8. “Comment on the #STEMTuesday blog post about WHY you like #STEM #STEAM” We like to learn about new things!

  9. I look forward to the STEM Tuesday posts to learn about new books that I can purchase for my students to read or for me to read aloud to them.

    • Awesome! We are so glad that you use our STEM Tuesday resource regularly

  10. I love how interactive the #stem materials are presented. Sure does spike the interest in the kiddos of all ages.

  11. Amazing products to stimulate young minds! I do distance schooling with my nephew and STEM activities are his favorite! Especially rockets and catapults… the physics fascination is awesome!

  12. I just started my STEM teaching endorsement, and I look forward to learning how to incorporate iSTEAM education into my 4th grade classroom.

  13. I enjoy nature, science, math, and engineering topics and STEM/STEAM books for kids are amazing for mentor text for me as well as fun to learn new topics.

  14. I like STEM/STEAM because activities, books, and lessons are all about the real world and applying the science within it. Kids are highly engaged and their natural affinity for learning is always heightened when working with STEM activities or reading about a favorite topic. Thank you for sharing all the STEM/STEAM authors and nonfiction books that you do.