Please welcome Sasha, a kindhearted young horse who has always felt a little bit different from the other horses in Verdant Valley. This new, illustrated series about friendship and belonging is geared to the youngest middle grade readers.








To win copies of the first and second books in the series, please leave a comment below. Two winners will be drawn!




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Tricia Springstubb
Tricia is the author of many books for middle grade, most recently "Every Single Second" (HarperCollins) and the third book in the Cody series, "Cody and the Rules of Life" (Candlewick Press). A frequent speaker at schools, libraries, and conferences, she lives in Cleveland OH. You can find out more about her and her work at
  1. The illustrations look so lovely! I’d love to read these and share them with my class

  2. This look adorable. My daughter would LOVE them 🙂

  3. I have some horse lovers in my class who would love to read these, and the topic of friendship is universal. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These look so sweet! I’m curious about why he feels different.

  5. My daughter would LOVE these! You know, horses and all. Looking forward to reading them any way we get them!

  6. Horses yes!

  7. Friendship stories are awesome!

  8. These look terrifically unique!

  9. These are LOVELY!! And I love them! Plus, a story told from the POV of a horse? Sign me up.

  10. Came here to echo, Amber. No need to enter me – but those covers are perfect!

  11. BTW you don’t have to enter me in the contest since I’m “affiliated” with the Mixed-Up Files. Just wanted to say I love these covers!

  12. I love these covers! So retro. And horse books ALWAYS make me happy!

  13. These books look fun to read–I love the illustrations and as a horse fan myself I would definitely love to read them. My favorite stories are friendship ones.