Book Your Next Birthday Party!

Spring time is birthday season in my house.


Over the years we’ve had a “bow wow ball”, a hunt through fairy land and a teddy bear picnic.

So why haven’t I held a party celebrating Middle-Grade books– a “Book Bash”? It wouldn’t be any harder than pouring a box of Cocoa Pebbles in a new dog bowl (it looks just like kibble!)

With these fun projects you’ll have your own literary themed birthday party in the (book) bag! And of course all these ideas can be adapted to your next book launch, too.

1. “Book” a cake. These days a cake that looks like a book is as close as your grocery store bakery department. Pick your child’s favorite middle-grade title, propose your idea to the baker well in advance, and enjoy!


(cake image courtesy of Publix)

2. Books Books and More Books This one’s easy. Hand out books instead of goodie bags.


Also consider this- If your house and your kiddo are already overrun with toys request guests donate a middle grade novel instead of a gift. All the books are placed in a cute book basket and donated to an underserved library or school! (Be sure to clear this option with your generous birthday boy or girl ahead of time!)

3. Book an author!

These days children’s book authors do Skype school visits all the time. Lots of writers Skype with scout troops and book clubs, too. So how about incorporating an author Skype visit into your party? All it takes is some advance planning (authors are often booked up months in advance), a good internet connection, a computer and a screen or monitor large enough to be seen by all (I have a cable that connects my laptop to my tv screen) Just be sure guests are calm and attentive (so this should probably be scheduled before the cake and games!)

You can find many authors who offer free short Skype visits

Some writers may be skeptical about Skyping in a party setting but I, for one, love to “attend” any party of avid kid readers- especially those who’ve read my books! I’ll even send bookmarks ahead of time!


4. This is a test!

Ready for some fun and games? How about a trivia contest? First prize, of course, will be books! You can write your own questions or follow the lazy moms’ party precept- why do it yourself when you can steal it from someplace else? Here are links to a hand full of internet kidlit trivia questions. You’ll find a slew more if you Google “children’s book trivia”.

Bill Moyer’s PBS Classics Of Children’s Literature Quiz

Braingle Characters of Children’s Lit Quiz

Scholastic Book-box Questions for National Young Readers Week

 5. Break down and buy the game.

Someone has already done most of the work for you– for the older party crowd, at least. All you have to do is shell out more cash. Check out these literary games:

Trivial Pursuit started it all. Maybe everyone you know isn’t battling to fill their tray with pie pieces these days but of course Trivial Pursuit has a book lovers edition.

There’s also an intriguing game called It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, which challenges your knowledge of first lines   

There’s Book Lover’s Scrabble with extra points for words with a literary twist

Or a cool Book Lovers Edition of Memory Challenge.

Perhaps best of all– a book and a game, all in one. Literary Trivia: Fun and Games for Book Lovers.

Now are you ready to party????? What are your favorite book-ish party ideas?

 Tami Lewis Brown is always ready for a party- especially when it’s celebrating the completion of her next middle-grade novel!

Tami Lewis Brown
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  1. These book birthday ideas sound wonderful, I want one for my Birthday!