The novel allure of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Meet my newest book crush: When Audrey Met AliceWhen Audrey Met Alice by Rebecca Behrens, a novel starring Audrey Rhodes, the first daughter of the United States, who finds living in the White House restrictive rather than exciting. Everything changes for Audrey when she discovers the diary of Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt. Alice’s antics and fashion sense made international headlines in the early 1900s, and now her stories are inspiring Audrey to have a little fun. Things backfire for Audrey until she takes to heart using her position to make her own political statement.

I’ve been telling all my work friends about my love for Audrey and Alice (Alice did yoga! She spoke her mind! She would have fought for marriage equality, just like Audrey!). I love the set up of this book and how Alice’s personality comes through, planting a seed for wanting to know more – about the White House, about what life would have been like in the early 1900s, about other presidencies and families. But it’s the setting of today’s White House and the fully-developed character of Audrey that are the real hooks.

A few other choice titles featuring daughters of presidents (or potential POTUS):

Beyond the obvious fascination of imagining celebrity and intrigue, what do you think is the appeal of a White House story?






Linda Johns
  1. What an interesting theme. Learning about daughters of presidents would be a great way to find out about those important fathers and the times they served as president.