Top 10 Reasons to Visit MUF’s “For Writers” Page

A couple months ago I wrote a brilliant humble post entitled “Top 10 Deep (& Stolen) Thoughts about Writing,” and when I realized I now needed to announce the latest update to MUF’s “For Writers” page, I thought: Hey, that top-10 format sure made for an easy post! made an effective way to provide our loyal readers with a convenient, efficient way to gain a lot of information. So, since I’m really lazy always striving to serve MUF’s followers and provide positive returns on the time they invest in reading our blog, I now present the . . .




10. The “For Writers” page is quite extroverted. It gets lonely and depressed without visitors.

9. If you need a pointer on THE CRAFT of writing—characterization, plot, voice, or something else—“For Writers” has it.

8. I’ll give you chocolate. Well, kind of. At least the next time I use my laptop I’ll hold an m&m up to the webcam and see what happens.

7. If you’re struggling through a first draft or manuscript revision or querying, consider all THE PROCESS has to offer.

6. If you’re wondering where others turn for ideas and inspiration, peek at THE WRITING LIFE.

5. Whether it’s THE CRAFT or THE PROCESS or THE WRITING LIFE, you’ll find plenty of new links.

4. I’m getting really tired of embedding links to “For Writers” into this post.

3. Um, wait a minute and let me think. . . . I’m having a hard time coming up with ten reasons, so I need you to do something for me. Please rock your head slowly back and forth and stare at the spiral image below. Keep rocking. . . .


You’re getting sleepy. Verrrrry sleeeeepy. That’s it. Relax. Now click over to the “For Writers” page and read no further in this list. . . .

Wow, this is great! Having hypnotized everyone, I know they’ve already clicked away from my post. I can write whatever I want! I can ramble and type gibberish! Include sentence fragments with reckless abandon! Overuse exclamation points!!! No one will even notice, but I’ll still have a list with ten items.

2. Who cares what number two is? You’re not reading this! Sometimes I can’t help but bask in my own brilliance. . . .

1. Wartless pickles stumble into underground snow clouds when dogs mow books at midnight.

WHAT!?!? You’re still here? Jeez, you were supposed to be gone fourteen sentences ago! Come on. Go over to the “For Writers” page. Get inspired. Glean wisdom. And please don’t tell anyone about the wartless pickles.

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  1. I had to get to the end to see what happened! But now I’m heading over to the For Writers page to bask in the wonderfulness. Wish I could embed a link to the page right here, but just don’t know how. Great post!

    • @Katherine Schlick Noe,
      Hope you had a good bask. Please realize you’re sworn to secrecy about the pickles.

      -T. P.