And the lucky library is…

We tallied up the 1,947 votes we received for our Great Library Giveaway, and I am pleased to announce that our 97-book collection of middle-grade titles will be sent to the library at

Gateway College Preparatory

in Georgetown, Texas!

Sunrise over Gateway College Prep. Photo by Gateway College Preparatory. used by permission.

Congratulations, Gateway!

I know we’ve said it a dozen times, but we really do want to thank all the authors, publishers, readers, and our own Mixed-Up contributors for their donations.  We also want to thank our readers for nominating and voting for such worthy libraries.  We’ve had so much fun reading about all the libraries and seeing your enthusiasm.If you’ve enjoyed this giveaway, too, please let us know.  We are considering making this as an annual event, but we’d love your input.

Congrats again to Gateway, and thanks to everyone for helping us help  a library in need!

And Happy Halloween, too!

Elissa Cruz
  1. Congratulations, Gateway!

  2. Hooray for Gateway!!!

  3. Congratulations, Gateway! Enjoy.