Win Win Win Erica Perl!

Wake Up Readers!

The Mixed-Up Middle-Grade Skype Tour bus is in the driveway…

Open up those peepers. Did you win a Skype visit with Rosanne Perry??? Take a big drink of orange juice… but keep holding your breath… because before we announce the winner we’re meeting author extraordinaire Erica Perl.

Erica does it all – picture books, YA, and now with her latest novel MIDDLE-GRADE!

Erica, welcome to the Mixed-Up Files Middle-Grade Skype tour!  We love your middle-grade novel WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU OJ

What do you like best about writing for middle grade readers? 

I love how smart, funny and opinionated middle grade readers are.  The things they love, they LOVE and the things they think are stupid they think are COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY STUPID.  I can relate to that, since I have pretty intense opinions myself but I became really reasonable at some point.  Writing allows me to tap into my unreasonable side.
What was your favorite book when you were 8-12?
CHARLOTTE’S WEB.  It was the best book I had ever read, and actually it still is. (Yes! I agree. Readers, if you really love Charlotte’s Web you’ll love love love E. B. White and Peter Neumeyer’s Annotated Charlotte’s Web. It’s not just a book lover’s dream. It’s a teacher’s and writer’s master class!)
Another of my favorite books at that time was Constance Greene’s A GIRL CALLED AL, which I recently reread and I highly recommend.  I also went through reading phases, like reading all the Little House books, or reading everything by Judy Blume or Lois Duncan.  Books were like potato chips for me – who could stop at one?
YUM! What makes your school visits special?

I talk and show a powerpoint presentation that includes a lot of my reference points for my books, including family members (like the grandfather who inspired the character “Ace” in WHEN LIVE GIVES YOU O.J.).  I also talk about my process, from idea through lots of revisions to finished book and I often use examples from my picture books as well as novels.  But what really sets my visits apart?  It has to be the fact that I am probably the only author on the planet that presents her work wearing a genuine, hand-knitted chicken butt hat.

I’ve seen that hat! 

(But this is not Erica’s hat.)

Her hat is absolutely NOT TO BE MISSED! And I bet she’ll wears it on a Skype visit too! Readers would you like Erica to visit your classroom, book club or any other group of enthusiastic middle-grade readers? You came to the right place. Leave a comment here for your chance to win. Pass it along on Facebook or Twitter for more chances– just be sure to come back and leave a comment telling us how you’ve spread the word. We’ll draw the lucky winner next Tuesday when we’ll present the next Mixed-Up Middle-Grade author for your Skyping pleasure! For all the scoop and frequently asked questions about the contest look HERE!

 But wait!!!! We have a winner to announce!
 The lucky winner who’ll be welcoming Rosanne Perry to visit her readers is…………………

Portia Pennington!

Please email the please email the Mixed-Up Files at msfishby (at) fromthemixedupfiles (dot) com with your contact information! You’ll be hearing from Rosanne shortly! And huge congratulations!!!!!  And Pragmatic Mom we’re waiting to hear from you about your visit with Sheela Chari! Please send us your contact info too.

Readers— keep those entries coming and you might welcome Erica to your group… and come back next week for our next pit stop on the Mixed-Up Middle-Grade Skype Tour!

Tami Lewis Brown writes middle-grade books when she’s not battling computer viruses or driving the Mixed-Up Middle-Grade Skype tour bus.
Tami Lewis Brown