WIN A Skype Visit By Your Favorite Middle-Grade Author!

The bus is here! The bus is here!


The school bus?

No, it’s the Fall Mixed-Up Middle-Grade Skype Tour Bus! And you and your class, group, club, or troop can win a visit from a fantastic (if I do say so myself) middle-grade author.]

We’ve loaded the Mixed-Up Tour Bus with a whole new batch of middle-grade authors. Who exactly?

Tami Lewis Brown (The Map Of Me),

Erin Moulton (Flutter),

Kathy Erskine (Mockingbird),

Tricia Springstubb (What Happened On Fox Street),

Sarah Aronson (Beyond Lucky),

Uma Krishnaswami (The Grand Plan To Fix Everything),

Jennifer Nielsen (Elliot and the Pixie Plot),


Bruce Hale  (Chet Gecko Mysteries)

Here’s how you can win a visit for your school, library, scout troop or group of readers-

Leave a comment on this post. Then spread the word. For every retweet and/or Facebook reposting you’ll get another entry. To increase your class or group’s chances invite other adults- parents, teachers, or group members– anyone eighteen or older– to leave comments here, too. Be sure to come back and tell us in a new comment… so we can count every one of your chances to win. Each entry must be made in a separate comment.

On October 3 we’ll draw a winner for each Skype author visit and make the big announcement on October 4.

You’ll have six months from October 4 to schedule and conduct the visit.

Authors and winners are paired randomly- you don’t enter to win a visit from a particular author. But we all write books appropriate for a middle-grade audience and we all do GREAT SCHOOL VISITS. You’ll hear more about our fantastic visits in monthly interviews. In fact the first author is dropping in to tell us about her school visits later this week.

What will you need for a Skype visit? A computer, an internet connection, speakers, a winning entry and most of all an excited audience of middle-grade readers. If you’re not familiar with Skype our experts here at the Mixed-Up Files can help set you up.

It’s all Easy Peasy.

What’s that? I hear the rumble of the Mixed-Up Tour Bus right now…

Don’t worry I’m in the driver’s seat.

 Okay. Maybe you should worry.

Uma Krishnaswami 


and Erin Moulton   are in the first row. Erin! Get out of the woods and on the bus!

And here’s Kathy Erskine 


Jennifer Nielsen




and Tricia Springstubb 


Then Bruce Hale  and wouldn’t you know it…

There’s Sarah Aronson   causing trouble in the back seat.

Would you like Tami, Uma, Erin, Tricia, Jennifer, Kathy, Bruce or Sarah to visit your class?

Each winner will receive a full Skype author visit and a copy of the author’s featured book. Check out the official RULES here.

Who can enter? Anyone 18 or over – a teacher, parent, librarian, friend… anybody as long as your school or group has specifically agreed to host a Skype author visit if you win.

Hey! Jump on the bus! We’re heading out NOW!

Tami Lewis Brown, the author of THE MAP OF ME, is driving the Mixed-Up Middle-Grade Skype Tour bus. She’s not quite sure why anyone trusted her with the keys.

Tami Lewis Brown