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STEM Tuesday
  • STEM Tuesday-- Extinction-- Book List
    STEM Tuesday– Extinction– Book List
    October 4, 2022 by
    They say “extinction is forever” – but is it? These books address the very real threat of extinction of the living organisms that share our planet. They also show what we can do about it, how some species have recovered, and some even ask whether we should bring back “lost” species. Animals at the EDGE: Saving the World’s Rarest Creatures by Marilyn Baillie Dinosaurs are not the only animals who’ve gone extinct; the last marsupial Tasmanian tiger died just 75 years ago. Meet the scientists searching for proof that eleven rare animals (the last of their kind) still exist. Discover what they’ve found and their next steps in either finding or surveying and protecting these amazing animals. The conversational tone, mini biographies, “field note” sidebars, and map make this a wonderful introduction to these animals. Gone is Gone: Wildlife Under Threat by Isabelle Groc After explaining extinction and tallying losses, the author examines the numerous ways scientists track and evaluate...
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  • STEM Tuesday -- A River Runs Through It-- Author Interview
    STEM Tuesday — A River Runs Through It– Author Interview
    September 27, 2022 by
    Welcome to STEM Tuesday: Author Interview, a repeating feature for the fourth Tuesday of every month. Go Science-Tech-Engineering-Math! Today we’re interviewing Patricia Newman, author of the new book A RIVER’S GIFTS: THE MIGHTY ELWHA ROVER REBORN, illustrated by Natasha Donovan. “An illuminating glimpse at the Elwha River and its gifts…Beautifully illustrated and informative,” says Kirkus in a starred review. Andi Diehn: I love how this is a story of scientific progress told alongside the story of a culture, the Strong People, who witness the destruction of their river and work for its return. How did you find a balance between discussing the engineering of the dams and story of a people? Patricia Newman: When I write about the environment, I always discover a wonderful overlap between science, history, culture, and current events. This connection to all parts of our lives draws me to nature writing. That said, I do have to make some decisions regarding...
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  • STEM Tuesday -- A River Runs Through It-- Writing Tips & Resources
    STEM Tuesday — A River Runs Through It– Writing Tips & Resources
    September 20, 2022 by
        Margo here, working to keep the (A) in STE(A)M. Science purists might think the (A) is unimportant but I’m here to argue that it is Very Important. and I will present reasons why. For instance, this month’s theme is “rivers.” This week, I have examples of books about rivers that are superior at delivering content to youngsters because of that (A). I selected these books because they are perfect examples of using (A) – creativity in BOOK DESIGN that makes the content easier to understand and enjoy. Remember the spoonful of sugar? Plus having students make their own books is the perfect way to evaluate their learning and understanding of the subject matter (more on that below). The first book is World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky, illustrated by Frank Stockton. Take a look at this page. The book designer has made the page speak by using color,...
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Nancy Castaldo has written award-winning books about our planet for over 20 years including, THE STORY OF SEEDS, which earned the Green Earth Book Award, Junior Library Guild Selection, and other honors. Nancy’s research has taken her all over the world from the Galapagos to Russia. She strives to inform, inspire, and empower her readers. Nancy is a certified National Geographic Educator. Her 2022 releases include, WHEN THE WORLD RUNS DRY (Algonquin Young Readers) and THE WOLVES AND MOOSE OF ISLE ROYALE: RESTORING AN ECOSYSTEM (Scientists in the Field series). Visit her at or follow at @NCastaldoAuthor.