Scary Reads for the Holidays-BOO!

One of my all time favorite Christmas reads (and watches) is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It is a tale that I’ve loved since about the age of ten. I originally fell in love with it because of Scrooge’s ghostly visitations. Now, the inner ten year old is still with me and has taken that love of ghostly things to a whole new level to include the funny, the bizarre, the monster-ly (you know, werewolves and vampires and zombies, oh my!). If you’ve a similar type reader in your household for the next week, why not take them to the bookstore or library to feed the need for scary? Here are some of my suggestions. Plus, at the end I have included a list of scary books for 12 and under from The Monster Librarian.

Now, on with a some of my favorite reads, old and new. Ghost Hunters, the series by Cornelia Funke is inventive, funny and much more. It’s one I recommend all the time. (I’d also suggest checking out the audio of this particular one. Very well done.) Notes From a Totally Lame Vampire is hilarious and came recommended to me by at 11 year old boy who was sure I would love it as much as he did. He was right.

Scary School is a recent favorite read and one I look forward to booktalking. You can check out the this interview with Derek the Ghost, he includes some of his own recommends for good scary reading.

Carol Matas The Proof that Ghosts Exist and others in the series. This one is fast paced, adventure filled and the ghost is creepy times a hundred. Plus, Matas is a wonderful writer with books that are language rich. School of Fear is funny, funny and well loved by my middle school book club kids, too. More about fears and phobias and what scares us, but it is a must include. Great website for the books, too.). Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood. Beware what lurks in the forest in this one. There is some good creepy, funny mystery afoot! And one for the slightly younger, but I’d still show it to the olders, is Angie Sage’s Araminta Spook.

Finally, anything by Mary Downing Hahn. Wait Til Helen Comes being my favorite. Anything by Betty Ren Wright, as well. You will most likely have to track some of her books down at the library, but well worth the search, especially the Doll House Murders) I could go on and on with more, but will stop and leave you with this FABULOUS monster list created by Monster Librarian. It has even more of my personal favorites on it and if you are always being asked, “Where are the scary books?, this is a must have resource. Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

Deb Marshall