You Can’t Have My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please!

I’ve got another, not-your-average-interview, interview!  Yeah, cause I’m awesome at not being average!

Author James Mihaley has joined us here at the Mixed-Up Files with his book, You Can’t Have My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please.  Well, his book isn’t actually here.  You have to go buy it at the store.  Unless you’re one of the lucky readers who will win a copy!  Yup. Cause James is kewl, he’s agreed to give away a copy of his book and some bookmarks to go with it!

But first, the interview!

Me:  So, James, do your book ideas come to you when the aliens visit at night or when you’re running from zombies?

James: Running from zombies. Zombies don’t run fast so there’s no danger of getting caught. This enables me to calm down, get focused and come up with interesting creative ideas.

Me: *taps head, clears throat* Of course. I mean, who doesn’t know that? *laughs nervously* I mean, everyone writes better when they’re walking away from zombies.  Those alien visits really mess with your brain.  Not that I’d know anything about that. *quickly changes subject* Sooo…. Chocolate or vanilla? (If you say anything other than chocolate I may have to hunt you down. Kidding. Haha. No I’m not.)

James: Butterscotch. Most people don’t know this but if you chant the word butterscotch backward while eating it, it tastes exactly like chocolate. If you chant the word butterscotch backward while dancing, it tastes like Madagascar vanilla. I admire versatility in a flavor.

Me: Good to know.  I’ll have to try that later.  Personally I prefer to chant the word chocolate backward while eating it.  Total calorie free bliss.  *Munches on chocolate* Why don’t you tell us about your writing process. *gets pen, takes notes*

James: For me, flexibility is the supreme virtue for any writer. Sometimes plotting is helpful. Other times, you create a rambunctious character, like Giles in my book, set him loose on the page and see where he goes. You can’t be too committed to a storyline. You should remain open to the possibility of a splendid new path revealing itself halfway through the story.

Me: Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more.  Some characters really take us on a ride.  Like that time I went sledding with….  *looks around nervously*…nevermind.  Tell me about your inspiration. Is it unicorns and glitter? Molton lava from the center of the earth? Choice is yours, but personally, I’d go with unicorns and glitter.

James: What inspires me is the idea that I might create something that will permanently lodge itself in the imagination of a child like an apple seed and bear fruit for the rest of his or her life.

Me: Exactly what I would have said.  *Unicorns and glitter.  What was I thinking?*  That truly is the best gift – to inspire readers.  Thanks for joining us James and may your book inspire our readers here at the Mixed-Up Files…to infinity and beyond! Oh wait, wrong character. *smiles sheepishly*

From Indiebound:

Thirteen-year-old Giles is the last person anyone would expect to save the planet. he’s not as charming as his little sister, and not as brainy as his goody-goody older brother. But when Giles witnesses an alien realtor showing Earth to possible new tenants, he knows he’d better do something. With the help of an alien “attorney” and the maddest scientist in middle-grade fiction, Giles just might save humans from eviction from Earth. Let’s hope so. The alternatives are…not so hospitable.


If you’d like to win a copy of You Can’t Have My Planet: But Take My Brother, Please (but not necessarily the one in the box with the turle, though I’m wiling to bet James would have his turtle sniff it at your request) just leave a comment below.  Deadline for entries is Wednesday, May 30th.  Winner will be drawn and announced on Thursday, May 31st.

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