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Fall is approaching and most kids have started a new school year. Ahhh… it’s the season of sharpened pencils, plump backpacks, and new books. And it’s also the season of questions that sometimes leave parents scratching their heads.

How do I find books my kids like to read? What do I do when their book report was due yesterday? What if I don’t want them to read an assigned book? Why do they always have to pick out books that I think are gross?  How can I encourage my child to read more? I’ve volunteered to start a book club at my kid’s school, now what do I do? Homework, homework, homework, how do I help?


You can find answers to these questions and more in the Parents’ Section of the site. There are two brand new posts. Turning Kids Into Bookworms: A Booklist for Parents introduces you to seven books you can read for ideas to help motivate young readers. For some insight about what to do if you don’t like your children’s reading material, check out When Books Challenge Personal Values.This post includes a link to a blog entry by Kate Messner, who is a parent, teacher, and middle-grade book author.

Also included on the For Parents page is a list of quick links which provide information about reluctant readers, homework help, book lists, and more.


Updating and expanding this section is a continual process. These new links and posts are in response to what we’ve heard parents want to know more about. Upcoming features will include hints for holiday book giving and an If you like ____, you may like _____ list.

If you have any other ideas  or suggestions for features to be included on our For Parents page, please leave a comment.

Happy Reading and Have a Great New School Year!


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Lill Pluta