All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New Book! Or several.

So it’s the Holidays again and that means tons of wrapping paper, lots of ribbon, some delighted faces and some hidden bits of disappointment when that one gift didn’t make it under the tree. (Like Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Prince: I’ll remember this, Santa!! *shakes fist in air*) And of course every book lover is hoping for their favorite book this year, or a copy of their favorite much-anticipated sequel. This is especially true of teenage girls around the U.S. who have to and I mean HAVE TO KNOW what happened to so-and-so in whatever land. But when you are the relative of an author who loves supporting other authors you are especially lucky when Christmas comes around.

Each year when a fellow author of mine happens to publish a new book I RUN to the nearest bookstore to buy it. Well, run to my car, and then from the car to the store and back again–or maybe stroll from the car to the door but you get the drift ;-). Then proceeds the agonizing wait until I’m done with my current project or writing my own book or that book I started reading last week until I can read my newly purchased book!

Well, needless to say, many exciting must-have books come out each year so when I go and buy my book there may or may not be a group of books who may or may not wait a while until I can read them—but rest assured I eventually get all my piles of books read!

I also love to share books so a couple of times a year I gather up all the books from the various parts of the house they’ve ended up in (my kitchen, the living room, nightstand, under my pillow, peeking out from under the clothes pile in my son’s room, etc.) and sort them into Middle-Grade and Young Adult. Then I box up the stacks of beautiful books with ribbon and lots of packing tape; print out some lovely labels, insert notes, and ship them to some Adorable Girls who share a last name with me (usually my nieces to whom I dedicated my recent book, Circle of Secrets).

Then I bask in the love, affection, and “OMGosh!” texts that proceed to follow for the next month as they plow their way through the piles of books, and devour the written word of So Many Talented Authors from Around the World.

So there is a weird little tidbit from my world to yours this Holiday Season!

The moral behind this story is Get yourself an Author Relative who likes to share! Or an Author Friend might do just as well, too!

Hope y’all received lots of great books this past week, and are enjoying a bit of snuggle time in front of the fire with cocoa or tea.

In the comments, please tell us about one of your book-giving traditions!

Kimberley Griffiths Little is resting contentedly with a tottering stack of 25 books to read after a fun and crazy Fall launching Circle of Secrets (Scholastic), and turning in her new manuscript, When the Butterflies Came. Teacher’s Guide for Circle of Secrets & Mother/Daughter Book Club Guide

Kimberley Little