BEEP BEEP Make way for Sydney Salter and the Skype Tour bus!

The school year may be winding down but the Mixed-Up Middle Grade Skype Tour will be charging down the road all summer! (And we’ll load the bus again, with a whole new contest, and all new authors, in the fall!)  In May we drew six lucky winners- schools, book clubs, or troops- to receive a visit from a middle-grade author.

Sydney Salter will visit GreenBeanTeenQueen’s library.

Bobbie Pyron will visit Destiny Lawyer’s middle schoolers in rural Vermont.

Tom Angleberger will visit Marilyn Gammon’s class.

Kate Messner will visit Pragmatic Mom’s kids’ book clubs.

Beverly Patt will visit Ms. Murray’s class  in Smithville

and Hillary Homzie will visit Mr. Curran’s class in Detroit, thanks to HeatherT.

But as our intrepid authors stop off for their visits we’re not leaving you (our loyal readers) out. Each month one of these writers will hop off the bus long enough to talk to you. In May we spoke to Kate Messner.

Today welcome Sydney Salter!

photo by Carin Davis

Hi Sydney! Tell us about you and your books. We hear Jungle Crossing is now out in paperback!

I’m the author of My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters, Swoon At Your Own Risk, and Jungle Crossing. I live in Utah with my husband, two daughters (ages 15 and 11), and TEN pets: two dogs, three cats, two fish, two tortoises, and a bearded dragon. When not writing, I enjoy reading, cooking, hiking, skiing, impromptu cupcake parties, and traveling. I became fascinated by Mayan culture after a childhood trip to Mexico and that experience, along with some later adventures, inspired me to write Jungle Crossing.

What do you like best about writing for middle grade readers?

In the weeks after the aliens arrived to take over my teenage daughter’s brain, I realized that I always want to have 5th graders in my life. That’s why I write middle grade stories.

What was your favorite book when you were 8-12?

The Cricket In Times Square by George Selden.

What makes your school visits special?

I read passages from my diary and show how I turn my own experiences into much more exciting fiction. I also talk about fun Mayan facts—like how cocoa beans were used as money. Trick-or-treating would’ve made you a wealthy Mayan!

That sounds fantastic Sydney! I know the patrons at the GreenBeanTeenQueen’s library will love it!

Tami Lewis Brown divides her time between driving the Mixed-Up Middle Grade Skype Tour bus and writing her next middle grade novel.

Tami Lewis Brown