Author Visits – your opinion?

Hello, MUF readers!

Well, we have come to that time. SCHOOL TIME.

And what does school time mean?


So today we’re asking your advice and hoping you’ll join in our little conversation.

What makes a great author presentation for you?

Is it the subject matter? (How that author’s writing process is. About the books! About a specific piece of writing advice. Perhaps an impromptu writing workshop?)

Is it interaction? (Does the author pick kids from the class? Bring them up? Ask random questions to everyone involved? Make eye contact? Seem to enjoy it?)

Is it the (let’s be honest here) pricing? (Do you have to pay travel? What is a feasible amount, do you think, for a fee? Did you get your money out of it?)

Was it the amount of horrifying technology you had to have prepared for them – or the lack? (Give ‘er a bit ah paper, mateys! Or not…)

As I know many of us would like to pick your brains, I’m hijacking this post to ask


What makes an awesome author visit in your opinion? (Include subject matter, interaction, pricing, all of it!)

We really want to know! Comment in the comments! Talk about it on Facebook! Just don’t be shy – this is your perfect opportunity to make a difference in future author presentations!


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