Allergic: Interview + Book Giveaway!

Do you know a child who would love to get a pet but can’t because of allergies? I was one of those kids. It was great to read graphic novel about a girl just like me. I got to chat with Megan Wagner Lloyd and Michelle Mee Nutter about their book Allergic. About the Book Hi Megan and Michelle! Thank you for sharing Allergic with me. Growing up with both a food and pet allergy, I really appreciated a book that addressed both. You did a wonderful job showing how environmental allergy shots work, how it feels to miss out on something because of an allergy, and how you feel when your allergy impacts others. I’m sure it will help those with allergies feel understood and help those without allergies empathize. Can you give us a short summary of the book? Megan: Allergic tells the story of an animal-obsessed girl named Maggie who’s about to get her first puppy…when she … Continue reading Allergic: Interview + Book Giveaway!