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A Lucky List o’ Books for St. Patrick’s Day

...  #3). Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Making Money by Tommy Greenwald: Okay. I hear your question already: WHAT THE HECK IS THIS BOOK ...  still skeptical, please note that the book is written by Tommy GREENwald. Yep. It belongs. Do you have a favorite middle-grade book ...

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New Middle-Grade Releases: October 2016

...  Squeak! It’s a Doggy Dog World (Crimebiters #2) by Tommy Greenwald, illus. Adam Stower Jimmy is sure that his dog Abby is special. ...

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Great Books for New Middle Schoolers

...  Gives Up Texting! (And Lives to Tell About It.) by Tommy Greenwald: When a text goes wrong, Katie Friedman learns the hard way that ...

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