An Offer You Can’t Refuse


Chris Rylander, middle grade Mafioso don, is back with The Fourth Stall, Part 2.

Chris, who’s visited MUF before, describes himself as a unicorn collector and amateur drifter. He’s also a very witty man with a terrific feel for contemporary kids and their problems. We’re giving away a paperback copy of Part 1 as well as a hardcover, hot-off-the-press Part 2.


From IndieBound: The life of crime is good. Mac has taken down legendary high school crime boss Staples, business has been booming, and Mac and Vince are getting ready for middle school baseball tryouts. But this can’t last. Mac has always tried to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. But what happens when you can’t tell the difference?


This dilemma walks into the fourth stall in the form of Trixie Von Parkway–an eighth grader with a mean look and an even meaner predicament. The new science teacher is terrorizing her, and she needs Mac to get him off her back. Seems simple enough, but as Mac starts to dig deeper, he finds even more trouble brewing at his school, including a new administrator bent on destroying his business, and indications that Trixie isn’t who she claims to be. In the past, the worst thing that could have happened to Mac was that he might lose a little money, maybe catch a beating. In “The Fourth Stall Part II,” though, there’s going to be much more on the line than that.

Thanks, Chris!

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Tricia Springstubb
Tricia is the author of many books for middle grade, most recently "Every Single Second" (HarperCollins) and the third book in the Cody series, "Cody and the Rules of Life" (Candlewick Press). A frequent speaker at schools, libraries, and conferences, she lives in Cleveland OH. You can find out more about her and her work at