From the Mixed-Up Files asks its members: Why did you join?

From the Mixed-Up Files for Middle Grade Authors is opening its doors, er, file drawers, to three new members. If you’re interested, please read Tuesday’s post for the details and then, after you put together the necessary list of information about yourself (as described on Tuesday’s post), send it to us in an email – not an attachment please – by March 19th to: memberrequest AT fromthemixedupfiles DOT com.

Being a member takes a serious commitment and at times it can feel like a lot of work. But it is evident in the quality of our blog – the posts, the sidebars, and the artwork – that all the Mixed-Up members are happy to be here. So, if you think you want to join, but you’re not sure, today’s post will help. We asked our members a very important question and their answers might inspire you.

Why did you join From the Mixed-Up Files?

Because no one else would have me? No?
I joined so I could share discussions about MG books with other MG authors. To discover new books, old books and make some new friends along the way. — Brian Kell

I wanted to collaborate with other middle grade writers. I have a blog of my own, but didn’t really enjoy blogging alone. The opportunity to do a group blog about my favorite subject was irresistible. — Joanne Prushing Johnson

I joined because Elissa asked me to – we weren’t sure there would be more than two or three people who wanted to be part of this! Boy were we surprised. — Wendy Martin

They say writing is a lonely endeavor – but I haven’t found that to be true in kidlit at all. I joined MixedUpFiles to be part of a MG-loving community, to lend support for other’s work and gain support and insight for my own writing. Most importantly, to feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself or my own work! — Sayantani DasGupta

When Elissa Cruz announced her idea of a blog devoted to middle-grade literature, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve gained so much inspiration, support, and even an occasional leg-up from my fellow writers and I wanted to do something that would give back to the community. — Jennifer Duddy Gill

As soon as Elissa Cruz posted her idea for a blog dedicated to middle-grade books on the BlueBoards, I was jumping up and down (as much as one can in their desk chair) hollering YES! I offered to be her first follower, and she offered to let me be a member. This is the “all things middle-grade” resource that I longed to read, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! — Karen B. Schwartz

I joined because I had my first book coming out, and there really was a need for a blogs focused on middle-grade books.  I’ve loved every single minute of being part of the Files, from meeting other terrific writers to learning about amazing new books to feeling like I’m making a difference for people who love this genre.  Writing the posts has also challenged me to step out of comfort zone a bit – look out for my post on paranormal romances! — Wendy Shang

My friend and Mixed-up Files member Tracy Abell told me to join—so I did. (No arm twisting was involved. Honest.) I live in an isolated rural area and being a Mixed-up Files member has given me a community of readers and writers who are as passionate about middle-grade books as I am. Plus, as a blogger/interviewer I get to ask nosey questions of some of my favorite authors, as in my upcoming March 14 Q&A with Rose Kent. — Laurie Schneider

I begged to join (seriously, I begged) because there is nothing like the camaraderie of middle grade writers. It’s something about the viewpoint of this genre. There’s humor, angst, friendship, loyalty, play, knowledge, and serious conversation here. Very much like a pack of kids on a playground. Together we’re better. — Diana Greenwood

Plain and simple.
So important for every writer!!!! — Sarah Aronson

I joined because of Wendy Martin, my partner in crime from #kidlitart on Twitter–also because, contrary to expectations, I’m an illustrator who writes middle-grade, and a prodigious tweeter who has no blog of her own. What better place to call home than a blog devoted to middle-grade books?? — Bonnie Adamson

I joined because I had just finished writing my first MG book and I was so discouraged that there didn’t seem to be any resources out there for MG writers (everything was for YA).  It was like an answer to a frustrated writer’s prayer to have this opportunity come available just when I needed it!  And what better way to learn about MG, then to be part of a group effort, working with other MG writers! — Amie Borst

Having been in the Class of 2k9, I knew what a great support a group of like-minded writers could be to each other – and also what great things they could accomplish! Being a member of the Mixed Up Files has exceeded my expectations on many levels. I feel extra lucky to be a part of it GrinBeverly Patt

Middle grade rocks! We needed a place to say that over and over, and in different ways, by different people who feel the same. There aren’t enough sites dedicated solely to books for 8-12 year olds, and I’m so happy Elissa created such a community and gave me the chance to be part of it. — Sheela Chari

I joined because I recognized Elissa’s idea for a middle-grade community was pure genius. Middle-grade is a whole other literary beast, and I’m thrilled to share in the camaraderie of Mixed-Up Files authors. — Tracy Abell

Jennifer Duddy Gill