M.G.’s Update: A Hibernation Transformation

Dear Mixed-Up Readers,

Many times entire families come to the library. The children file in like stair steps and I can see the similarities between the whole crew. The younger children can look at the older ones and see where they are headed. But I have no idea where I came from or what changes I can expect in the future. So I assumed, I was finished growing. I was wrong.

I’d been having a fantastic time during my hibernation, hiking through the woods with my favorite characters on epic adventures. I’d feasted at Redwall Abbey and explored Narnia. I’d taken a side trip through Hogwarts and roamed 14th century England with Crispin.  My muscles were getting strong and firm and I had a sense of growing stronger on the inside as well. I felt far more grown-up than normal.  So imagine my surprise when I was suddenly and completely overwhelmed with tiredness. I made a little nest in the hollow of a rotten tree, filled it with feathers and leaves and fell into a deep sleep like the hibernation that many woodland creatures experience.

But when I awakened, my furry round body had changed. It had become a shell and I was trapped inside! At first I was frightened but then I began chipping away at the encasing like a chick breaking out of a fuzzy egg. I chipped and chipped until I broke open a hole large enough to climb through. I pushed my arms through, popped out my head and wiggled the remainder what used to be my extremely furry body from the shell.  But I hadn’t just hibernated! I had experienced a total metamorphosis, much like a butterfly.

So here I am in my new more grown-up form and I’m excited to show it off. I’m back at the library, still hiding among my favorite books and watching over the kids and families that I’d missed while I was gone. The library mice were so surprised to see the new me, they forgot to bother me for a couple of days, but now they are back to harassing me at every turn. It’s good to be home.

And now I look a little more closely at the boys and girls that come to my library day after day and I see that they are also changing. They are growing stronger and more grown-up with every day that passes. Some days they act like kids and other days they seem like mini-adults. I understand that mixed-up feeling much better now. I wonder where I came from and what I will become. But while I’m waiting, I’m enjoying my new self and excited to update all the Mixed-Up readers about the changes on the Kid’s Page.  What do you think of the new me?

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I’ll be back to check in when school is out and summertime is almost here. Wonder what other changes will occur by then? Who knows? But whatever happens, keep reading!

Your friend,


M. G. Creature