Are You…a Little Mixed-Up?

Want to join us?

Do you love middle-grade books? Are you an agented and/or traditionally published author? Are you willing to commit to scheduled blog postings and discussions both on our site and behind the scenes? If, so, then you may want to join our ranks! (Check back on March 10 to see why some of us joined!) We are looking for three dedicated authors who would like to join us as regular contributors and community members at From the Mixed-up Files…of Middle-Grade Authors.

Here are the member responsibilities; please consider these duties and whether you are able to make this commitment before applying.

Each Mixed-Up Files member will:

1) Put up scheduled blog post by 8 a.m. EST on scheduled day. You should expect to write a high-quality post 5-7 times per year.

2) Be responsible for one job related to the site (including all necessary follow-through and/or ongoing maintenance). For example, at present, we need a person to maintain our Teacher/Librarian page, a person to help update our news sidebar, and a non-fiction book list creator.

3) Promote outreach by linking to the site via blog/Facebook/Twitter.

4) Visit the members-only forum and participate in discussions on at least a weekly basis so as to keep informed and minimize the need for group emails. Ideally, you are also a regular commenter on the blog, helping to enrich and contribute to the discussion at hand.

If you think you may be one of these people, please send us an email at memberrequest at fromthemixedupfiles dot com, telling us the following in the body of the email only (please, no attachments):

1. Your name and website
2. Your agent or book info (just the basics please—a name [and/or title and publisher of your book, if applicable] is enough)
3. How you learned about our site
4. What special skills/talents you have*
5. How you can help promote our group
6. What you think being a member of this blog will do for you
7. A statement of why you choose to write middle-grade fiction
8. Anything else that you think might be useful for us to know about you

We will accept applications until Saturday, March 19th. Please note that we will not be reviewing any applications that have been sent to us before today, so if you have submitted an application previously, you will need to do so again. And please spread the word to others who you think might be interested.  Our new members will be announced on Thursday, March 24th.

We can’t wait to see who our new Mixed-Up Authors will be!

*NOTE: We are particularly interested in those who have knowledge and a love of middle-grade non-fiction titles. We welcome writers who are current or previous teachers or librarians, as well as those with vlogging experience. However, if you don’t have these particular skills, don’t despair. You may have other skills we haven’t listed here but would still love to have in our talent pool. So if you are interested, please apply!

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  1. What a great opportunity, good luck to those who apply!