NaNoWriMo – Final post and an interview

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(Note: This is the fifth of a five-part series about NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program.  Click the following links to read Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 of the series.)
Happy Thanksgiving to all our Mixed-Up Files readers!

Even though today is a holiday and our school is closed, my guess is that the NaNoWriMo young authors are busy at home working on their novels. They have only five days left to meet their word count goal. But you know what? I feel safe to say that all of the kids in our group met the goals I had set for them which have nothing to do with word count. They learned that writing a book is hard work, time consuming, fun, and doable.

Since this will be my last NaNoWriMo update, I wanted to introduce one of our young authors, Sydney. I’ve known Sydney for a few years and I’ve always noticed the way she quietly observes her surroundings, as if she’s taking it all in. Now that I know she’s a writer, I totally get what she’s doing! She’s storing up information to use in her writing!
I asked Sydney if I could interview her for our blog and she was excited about the opportunity.

Can you tell us a little bit about your story?
My novel is about two orphan girls whose parents drop them off to orphanages in the Northeast and they have a wild crazy adventure.  I am planning on making a series of books about Jazmine and Camelion and their many adventures.  Hopefully you will find it amusing.

I haven’t read any of your book yet, but, yes, I think it sounds very amusing! Do you know what your current word count is? No.  My last count was 4722 words.
Yay! That’s a lot of words!  Until NaNoWriMo, what was the longest story you’d ever written?
It was a nine page book of poetry called “Peace Out”, that I wrote in 3rd grade.
Above is a photo of you with your AlphaSmart on your lap, writing in the library before school started. You always work hard. What motivates you to write?
My family and knowing that it could be successful.  I like telling a story.
Do you get support from your family, friends, or teachers?
Yes!  I get the greatest support from my Mommy.  She motivates me and tells me to keep writing.
It takes a lot of time to write a book. What kinds of sacrifices have you made in your every day life in order to find time to write?
I have been giving up some of my TV time and reading time.  This is hard for me because I love to read.
I’ve seen you on the playground during recess with your little notebook. What are you writing?
I write my characters down and notes that I need to help me with my story.  I get some of my character traits from my family because they have so many different personalities.  So when I am outside, I am writing notes about character settings and what the character does and roles the character will have in the book.
Have you thought about being a writer when you grow up?
So many times!  I want to be a fashion designer, an author and a lawyer.  I love writing because books are so wonderful and interesting.  I love to read books so I want to make something that I love.

Who are your favorite authors?
Roald Dahl, Lois Lowry, Christopher Paul Curtis and  Karen Cushman.

Thanks for answering my questions, Sydney! I look forward to reading your final draft of the adventures of Jazmine and Camelion. I’ll see you at school on Monday.

Jennifer Duddy Gill
  1. Wow! That’s all I can say, Sydney…Wow!

  2. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I hope all of you will read my book when I publish it.

  3. How inspiring! Thank you so much for this–us adults had better get moving, make sure we keep up with motivation like this!

  4. “I love to read books so I want to make something that I love.”

    That’s what keeps me writing, too. Thanks to Sydney and Jennifer for a month of inspiration.

  5. what a wonderful, inspirational interview. Congratulations, Sydney — you and your book sound wonderful!

  6. Wow Sydney! You’re an inspiration!

  7. My mom supports me. I think Sydney’s book sounds really interesting.