Kid’s Page Update–M.G. is back

Dear Mixed-Up Readers,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since I came out of hiding and introduced our new Kid’s Page. I’m here today to update my Mixed-Up friends on all the fun features we’ve added this month.

Now that the leaves are changing, I’ve spied many brave children checking out library books about ghosts and other creepy topics. Not me! When the lights are off and everyone’s gone, the shadows on the bookshelves frighten the library mice. Of course, I am much braver than they but I’ll leave the scary books for the kids to read. If you are looking for books that get your skin crawling, here are some suggestions from the Mixed-Up Authors.

School has been in session for awhile and lots of kids are working hard on homework. Check out our new article, Using Your Senses to Tackle Homework for some fresh ideas to help get it done.

My Mixed-Up author-friend Bonnie Adamson, added a spooky activity or two to the puzzle page for kids looking  for a new challenge and a few goosebumps. Speaking of goosebumps, last night when I pulled my writing journal out of its hiding spot on the reference shelf, a bunch of  library mice jumped out, squeaking at the top of their tiny lungs. They startled me so much that I stepped backward, fell down four shelves and bounced onto the librarian’s desk. Thankfully, my hair stood on end, cushioning the impact.

“Have a nice trip. See you next fall!” one mouse eeked. They think they are so clever.

Now I have to figure out a new hiding place plus a way to pay those pests back.

I’m protective of my journal because it’s filled with original stories about my favorite book characters. I miss them so much when I’m done reading that I can’t help but write stories about what we’d do if they lived here at the library with me. So after my big fall, I climbed up to the librarian’s computer to find online places where I could have more adventures with my real friends, my favorite book characters. Click here to see what I found.

If you know of other kid-friendly author spots where you can hang out with your favorite book character, let me know. My Mixed-Up author friends will check them out and add them to the Kid’s Page.

So until next month, remember to change your journal hiding spot so that the pests in your life don’t give you goosebumps and an unexpected fall. As always, happy reading.

Your friend,


M. G. Creature
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  1. Awww, this is a sweet post. I haven’t written in my journal yet today…now I’m afraid to get it. Who knows what pests are hanging out trying to peek into my genius? (cough, cough) Haha, have a great weekend!